Glaucoma-Detect at the right time


Glaucoma can be defined as a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing loss of eye vision. Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve in the retina (it is also known as cranial nerve11, it is located at the back of the eye). The optic nerve from each pair of eyes carries visual information from the retina to the brain.

Cause of glaucoma

Glaucoma is caused due to build-up of abnormal high pressure in the eye. Our eye ball is filled with aqueous humour (a fluid). This fluid flows out of the eye through passages in our cornea and iris. If these passages are blocked, the pressure builds up in the eye, damaging the optic nerve, leading to lose of vision.

How glaucoma does takes place?

The reason for this condition is still not clear, it could be due to injury to the optic nerve hereditary, growth of new blood vessels growing inside the eye which disrupts the flow of fluid outside, uveitis, eye surgery gone wrong, frequent use of eye liquids, due to age and other medical history like diabetes, myopia (short sightedness) hypermetropia or hyperopia (long sightedness).

Glaucoma is of many types but there are two main types-

  1. open angle glaucoma
  2. angle closure glaucoma

Open angle glaucoma- It is one of the most common type of glaucoma, most people with open angle Glaucoma do not show any immediate symptoms because the visionis clear until the last stage. That is why it is very important to check your eyes regularly. In open angle glaucoma the eye’s drainage canals are gradually blocked, causing internal eye pressure, ultimately damaging the optic nerve. If open angle glaucoma is not diagnosed timely, it leads to vision loss. If it is treated at the initial stages it responds well to the medicationand treatment given.

Angle –closure glaucoma– Angle closure glaucoma occurs when the iris of the eye is pushed or pulled forward. This causes blockage of the drainage channel for the aqueous humor(fluid) in the eye. When this fluid is not drained properly out of the eye.It leads to the high intraocular pressure, this leads to sudden outburst and the fluid flows continually out of the normal eye, and it is not the tears of the eye, but abnormal watery substances. In this disease the symptoms are experienced suddenly like eye pain, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, profuse tearing,

A person with angle – closure symptoms must visit anopthalmologist immediately to prevent optic nerve damage and blindness.

Treating Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be treated with

  1. Eye drops
  2. pills
  3. laser surgery
  4. Argon laser, trabeculoplasty ( ALT) for open angle glaucoma.
  5. Laser peripheral iridotomy ( LPT) for angle closure glaucoma
  6. Traditional surgery
  7. Drainage implant surgery
  8. some more latest surgeries are available to rectify this disease

Glaucoma can be treated successfully if detected at early stages and save vision.


Ways to prep for spring time!

spring time skin care

Skin is indeed the most delicate yet most exposed to outer conditions and indeed most likely to be vulnerable to cause skin complications, the cost to play for protecting body from outer conditions. We are all familiar with the roughening effects winter case and also how dry our skin can be in summer and the amount of money we all have to pay for such protection. And for spring season, which make it all hot and humid all of a sudden, make it more precarious to take extra care of skin conditions.

Just as our preference to dress up chanced as per season and whether conditions, to be appropriate for condition, it is also essential to take care of skin and hairs as per season changes. Though usual skin care routine should be followed but here are some skin conditions to watch out for and be precautious about:

Berloque Dermatitis: Brown bruised or mottled patches on the skin that looks more like age spots and in most cases appear on the neck, cheeks, and side of the face. It is linked to the chemical reaction that happens between UV light and bergapten, which is an ingredient commonly found in many perfumes and colognes, as well as in some heavily scented skin creams or beauty care products.

You can choose to use natural beauty products and avoiding perfumes that contain ingredients for the face. And about the patches you can use retinol creams, but it can more effective on smaller patches.

Roughness: It is one of the common condition can cause in most season but you should be taking more care during such season as infections are more likely to caused. If it happens then skin might appear white and red goose bumps on the arms, legs, and buttocks are usually experienced particularly among women. Such bumps on skin are the results of skin cell build up around individual hair follicles. And in such case you can get a skin moisturizer for daily use that contains elements like urea, glycolic, or lactic acid, as it would help soften the bumps on your skin. You can also use it in moderation to prevent skin reddening and inflammation.

Dryness: it can happen you ignore rough skin! Especially the skin on the knees and elbows is some of the driest on our bodies throughout the year and in spring; some parts may take on a cracked, whitish, or grayish look particularly among people with olive or darker skin. And much like roughness, it can be fixed through regular moisturizer or use of petroleum jelly at least once a week before you sleep can also help deal with this problem. You should not be putting pressure on the area and protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun Rashes: Such rashes happen when skin suddenly gets exposed to the sun and happens as a reaction to the changing weather and it occurs while the skin is not yet accustomed to changes and appears as an over-action. And hence it is better to avoid sun rash by limiting your sun exposure especially during the first days of spring, which would allow your skin to slowly get accustomed to changes and prevent overreactions. While that you can use hydrocortisone anti-itch creams can also help minimize the experience of itch and just in case of Sunburn, it happen when person be exposed to the sun after months of not-so-sunny days would make you feel burnt and uncomfortable. It is likely to cause to your eyes, nose, and forehead. You can avoid it by using sunscreens with that has SPF 30, as well as those that contain high levels of zinc oxide as it helps block UVA rays to prevent skin irritations caused by sun exposure.

There are still so much you can do to make your skin be spring proof, and regimes like nourishing your skin, keeping it hydrated, occasional exfoliation, and developing a routine to keep it up to date.

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Your Brain is getting affected every time you use mobile phones!!

cell phone and brain damageIn schools, hospitals, workplace, family functions, friends’ get-together, all you can hear is your mother complaining about you for over-using mobile phones. We never listen to anyone unless it is scientifically proved. It’s time to reveal the research data! EEG (Electroencephalogram) is a measurement that helps in detecting brain cells communicating via electrical impulses.

  • Researchers from Netherland found change in brain activity when 31 healthy females were exposed to a 3G mobile phone for 15 minutes.Imagine how our brain can even handle 60 minutes of usage in 4G phones!
  • In 2010, U.S. study found that pulsed radiation from ordinary mobile phone use can trigger human brain evoked potentials (EPS).
  • In 2011, Australian study showed how 2G and 3G exposure affects human cognitive functions. In 2013, they found that GSM-like Radio Frequency radiation can alter brain EEG.
  • In 2013, Italian mobile phone study also found and demonstrated significant changes in brain activity after 45 minutes of exposure to GSM mobile phone.

Here is the health risk accompanied with the usage of cell phones.

Are we noticing an increase in number of brain cancer cases in India? Yes, we do. Radiation waves affect your brain and cause tumor cells to occur. There is a research that suggests that those who hold phones next to their ears or face or in their pockets for a long time, are at high risk of having cancer.

A smartphone is a two-way microwave radio with intermittent and destabilizing pulses. The weak and variable microwave radiation from cell phones and tablets disrupt DNA without breaking the molecular bonds, weakening the brain’s protective barrier, release highly reactive and damaging free radicals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies cell phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen due to an increased risk of brain cancer. Both a long-term user and a short-term heavy user are at high risk of developing cancerous cells. What makes it a nightmare? Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy and affect brain activities.

There is another debate on radiofrequency energy might affect glucose metabolism. One study shows that the tissues present near the cell phone is affected, whereas another study shows that the part of the brain where the mobile phone was placed is affected. Though the result of every studies differ, the radiation from mobile phones might cause brain cancer!

Thickening eyebrows naturally is possible with these oils!

Thickening eyebrows naturally

Having thick and well-shaped eyebrows will enhance you look. That’s why we long for thick and dark colored eyebrows. Unfortunately, very few people are gifted with eyebrows that are thick and others either use artificial thickeners or trim it to get a better look. Why to worry if there are chances to grow thick hairs? Never look old or dull. Solve this problem with the help of these home ingredients.

Castor oil
It contains proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that promote hair growth and resist micro-organisms that stop the hair growth.

  • Dip a cotton swab in pure castor oil and apply it on each eyebrow.
  • Massage gently with the help of your fingertips for 2 to 3 minutes and leave overnight.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser to take away the excess oil.
  • Repeat this once daily for few weeks to see improvement.

Coconut oil
Applying this oil daily for a month will give you impressive look with thick eyebrows.

  • Heat 3 teaspoons of coconut oil and allow it to cool.
  • Now drop the warm oil on your fingertips and gently massage eyebrows to promote blood circulation.
  • Leave it overnight and wash it off with water.

Fenugreek seeds
Lecithin found in fenugreek seeds can make your hair shiny and retain its natural color. These seeds also help in rebuilding hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

  • Soak 2 to 3 spoons of fenugreek seeds overnight in water.
  • Make a grind paste of it in the morning and apply the mixture on your eyebrows.
  • Leave for 30 to 45 minutes and rinse off with water.

Onion juice
Strengthening hair follicles is one of the best ways to get thick eyebrows. Sulphur present in onion juice does it by improving the production of collagen tissues required for proper hair growth.

  • Grind a medium size onion and extract the juice.
  • Apply the juice on eyebrows and gently massage for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Let it dry completely and then wash it off with water and mild cleanser.
  • Repeat this once daily for 4 weeks to see better results.

Olive oil
Vitamin E, present in olive oil, helps in faster and thicker hair growth. You can either apply warm oil directly or mix it with few drops of honey and leave this for 30 minutes before you rinse off.

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Vitiligo & How to accept you perfect imperfections

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. The most common areas are hands, arms, feet, lips, around the mouth, nostrils, genitals, armpits and groin.

This happens because of the pigment of skin cells, melanocytes are destroyed in certain places. Scientists suggest the melanocytesself-destruct but it’sstill unclear. Possibly, one or more genes may make the person more susceptible to the disease. Some people also think that emotional stress and sunburn can also be the reason for vitiligo.But it’s not yet scientifically proven.

Many people in their twenties develop the disorder. Chances of people developing vitiligo prior to turning forty are also high. Even though the disorder affects people of all sexes and all races, it’s more noticeable in people of colori.e. Dark skinned people.

People with hyperthyroidism are also likely to get vitiligo. Although vitiligo doesn’t have any severe health consequence of the physical health, it sure can cause negative emotional and psychological consequences.Michael Jackson’s highly publicized battle with Vitiligo has made profound awareness for the disorder possible worldwide.
Some medical methods are said to reduce the severity of the disorder but it’s to treat it permanently. There are no proven ways to prevent or cure vitiligo but there are ways to improve the appearance of those patchy and light areas.

1. Skin Grafting
Skin grafting is a surgical technique. The doctor’s transplant skin from unaffected areas to the patchy areas but the pigment doesn’t always return to the vitiligo affected areas. Alternatively, people with very little affected areas can also choose to do a spot treatment o mini grafting but it requires a PUVA photo chemotherapy after it ti unify the color between the grafts. It’s costly and also put people with thelimited skin at the risk of “Pebbling”.

2. Cosmetics
Makeup and camouflage makeup are very prominent these days as they are more economical than surgeries and phototherapies. With, waterproof bases and long lasting cover up bases nowadays, It’s safe to cover up with makeup and it tends to stay well throughout the days.But it’s extremely time-consuming.

3. Topical Creams
Topical creams can induce temporary re-pigmentation in the patients. Doctors can prescribe various creams but they are highly phototoxic and the usage should be supervised to avoid sunburn.

4. Ultraviolet Phototherapy
Ultraviolet light therapy is the means of restoring pigment to white areas. The therapy consists of theapplication of psoralens to the skin and then exposing the patient to the UVA light. This treatment should be given two or three times each a week. But it should be kept it mind that light therapy doesn’t ensure the paths from reappearing and can’t stop the new patches from appearing.

5. Herbal Home remedies
Making apaste of Radish seeds, or basil leaves and lime juice, red clay, turmeric, pomegranate leaves for topical application, and drinking neem juice and more can help treat and relief the patchiness of the skin.
Re-pigmentation and temporary relief are not a long term cure but sun protection and emotional support is important for people living with Vitiligo. It’s essential that people around the patients don’t indulge in shaming and help the patient in such testing phase of life. Joining a support group and counseling is also recommended for people suffering from the disorder. Consult your physician for further information.

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Eye care and a medical Aid in course!

Eyes care is as important as skin or hair care, as it acts as a key hole to the outer world and let use move in many directions, we want. More than just making us able to see world, it can also be used to expression certain emotion or thought in across fathomable distance. So it is essential to take care of eyes to keep it healthy and gleaming intact. There are some common complications like infections, irritation, eye muscle fatigue; foreign particle intrusion and most common effects of sun exposure can really put eye health in questions.

Some tips: though it would be better of you get a routine check up for eye care and ask your Ophthalmologist for the proper eye care, but following easy tips would help you in course of maintaining optical health.

Diet Change: just make sure you include leafy vegetable, oily fish, eggs nuts bean, and citrus food can add nutritional contain such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E that also helps in age-related vision problems in long run. Serious disease like diabetes could also weaken vision and following diet that help you dealing with diabetes is a wise decision.

Quit smoking: Apparently nicotine substance that initially work as soothing nerve system and breaking some bonds also cause optic nerve damage and muscular degeneration. So not it is time to quit smoking.

Sunglasses: The over or constant exposure from sun’s UV rays can cause some a cataract and wearing a sunglasses would be appropriate. And even when you’re wearing contact lenses cause it provides protection from UV rays but also don’t cause muscle contraption which leads to irritation.

Safety precautions: Do wear safety glassing while performing any hazardous conditions. As no one likes want dirt or any particles such as spark while doing metal work, dirt or insect while driving or riding, or ice particle in you r eyes while playing ice-hockey.

While working on Computer Screen: this is the most common reason why most people have eye complications and hence it is better to either limit computer time or sit in better position, that would also keep you off from back problems.

Medic help: There are many medic solutions that can be used in course of eye. And out of many medications Bimatoprost is most suggested as it is used for curing increased pressure in eyes by rapidly draining excess fluid and open angle-glaucoma. Though it can be used even to increase length of eyelashes.

It is advised to opt for a checkup as if you are experiencing particular eye irritation or even any minor intensity of optic complication. And despite Bimatoprost being a safe eye drop to use, it is still suggested to ask doctor before its use, to eliminate side-effect possibility.

Glaucoma: Treatment!

Glaucoma is referred to the conditions where one experience intense pressure around optic nerves of our eyes, which cause damage and is potent to cause permanent loss of vision, if not treated well. In other conditions, if you experience any level of pressure without any damage then it is referred as Hypertension. It could also considers as early signs of Glaucoma. Usually it is treated with simple eye drops  or oral medication, depending upon situations.
Bimatoprost, been proven to the best option to control and cure glaucoma and/or hypertensions. It helps to facilitate drainage of excess liquid, which put pressure on your optic nerves that cause severe damage. It is easily available in eye drop bottle form with added preservative and even available in single-doses without any preservatives.
It is indeed prescribed kind of medicine, since condition of glaucoma or hypertension need to be examined properly, by physician or doctors. It will be helpful to determine how many drops of Bimatoprost or other useful medicine will be needed.

How to Use it!
Wash your hands and face thoroughly, just assure you’ve removed all the dirt and make-up content.
If you are using contact-lenses, remove then. You can reuse it after 15 to 20 min to get back to visual.
Rest your head back and using your index finger, pull the lower eyelid down to form a pouch. Carefully drop the medicine into the pouch where there are roots of your eyelash is and drop a drop, apply some gentle pressure around eyelids to spread all over. Then gently close your eyes. Remove excess medicine around your eye with a clean it up with dry tissue.

In case of doubt if any contamination or germ infestations, be careful with the tip of the applicator to touch any surface, so be it your eyes.

Take interval of 5 minute between two drops, or even if you have other medicine you put in your eyes. Or if doctors suggested multiple drops, 5 min interval is enough.
Follow the schedule properly, to get proper result out of it. And just in case you misses any doses, you can skip to next scheduled doses and avoid overuses.
Feel free to ask your chemist and pharmacist about how to use and other precaution.
Keep gentle wet wipe or wipes damped in water close at hand distance, just in case excess thing drop being poured.

At any point of time you feel confused about how to use it, the eye-drop bottle comes with instruction leaflet, make the best use of it. Or better ask your doctor about it.

Some Possible Complications:
Don’t know if you consider it as a complication or not, but some time eye drops like  Bimatoprost is also prescribed to grow your eyelash longer and thicker, which somehow makes it positive too, at least for some individuals. But other complications like irritation or redness, changed iris color which seems permanent in most cases, light sensitivity issues like exposure from sun and in some cases chronic headaches are the various complications that have been sighted. In such cases, visit or consult the effects to your doctor. It could be pre-sign of some possible allergy.

Safe ways to stop hair fall!

Hair loss is the second most hated health alignments after aging effects would arise! Admitted or not but we all are obsessed with our hairs and women are not the only to blame for that. Healthy hairs and the way one maintain hairs have became a personality trait over course of time. And because hairs are so important hair loss would definitely it would put any one in the panic mode when they start noticing the hair. It like flashback of hell we causes to out hairs in order to look stylish and apart and now you wish you would have done something then to stop it or causing it at first place.

Indeed there are many dermatological solutions that can prevent your recurring hair at cost of something. But there are also some of ways you can pause such conditioning happening. Though following tips works, but in case if you are already on treatment course then it would better of you consult with dermatologist before trying it.

Coconut oil: one of the most used product, even for maintaining skin health and it is base agent for every hair care product or therapy course. Just a regular coconut oil massage would help strengthen hair roots and propel growth to the tip. It basically works by helping maintaining moisture content that protects the hair shaft from any impurities that may cause hair damage. Plus massage is soothing always, that relives most tensions.

Gooseberry: One of the potent element natures has to offer to us that work by completing nutritional need that could be reason behind hair fall. Gooseberry is vitamin C rich and also high in antioxidants that help solve skin related hair roots, while being ideal for digestion. Besides its dietary consumptions, it could be applied onto the scalp just make a small mixture by crushing Gooseberry or using its powder. The crushed Gooseberry juice could be added to 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon and just mix it well and apply to the scalp and leave it to dry; then rinse using warm water.

Right diet: Much like any other health aliment tuned up diet can also help you getting over such complications and also promotes healthy hair growth. Some of the proteins options are very important nutrients and they even help new hair grow, in place of the old ones. And hence it is wise to foods like beans, cheese, milk, nuts, grains, and fish, chicken should be included in your daily diet. And it would be ever wiser if you ask dermatologists to suggest a diet, if you are in treatments.

Medic help: not all medication would cause side effect and there are some medications like generic Finpecia that can help you stop hair fall. One of the common factors that cause hair falls is hormonal misbalance, particularly of testosterone in excess which is not completely a man hormone. And doctor’s suggests you to buy generic Finpecia as it helps you to manage restore hormonal balance. But wait, before you also buy generic Finpecia online, first it is essential consult about suitability to your condition and right doses.

Other Tips: it is better to cut down smoking, alcohol or any other substance abuse as it cause hormonal balance, right session for exercise as more then 45min can cause rapid hair loss, give your hair occasional massage, don’t wash hair with hot water, review hair products you’ve been using. But first consult with a dermatologist to know what reason is causing and what to do.

Control Your Breathing Naturally

Asthma is severe inflammatory disorder that affects the passage of the air from the nasal area and mouth to lungs and vice versa. A person suffering from asthma finds it difficult in breathing in the outside air. This inability of breathing the air leads to suffocation and congestion. The airways of the people suffering from asthma swells and the muscles tighten, and this stops the air from entering the lungs. This is disease with no permanent cure and can happen to people in all age group. Right from a 2 years old kid to the 60 years old man, all age group people can be affected by this disease.

 Causes of asthma:

The causes of asthma can be both, external and internal factors. The external factors include polluted environment, allergies, smoking and consuming tobacco, lack of exercise and leading a sedentary life. Depression, stress, anxiety too play a major role in being diagnosed with asthma. Consuming food like fish, soy, eggs and peanuts too trigger the respiratory system. By the internal factors I meant, one can be a victim of asthma if they have a family background of asthma. That is, maybe the genetics is playing its role.

Symptoms of Asthma

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Frequent cold and cough
  • Congested chest
  • Whistling sound while breathing
  • Feeling tired easily while doing a physical activity

 Remedies to control Asthma naturally

Note down the asthma triggers

The most important thing to do to avoid the asthma attack is to realize what triggered you to have an attack. I am sure many of us don’t know what causes us the attack. Also, I am sure most of us are wondering the need to track down the triggers. Tracking down the reasons for your asthma attack will keep you aware of what puts you in pain and you will avoid getting into the attacking situation again. What all to track? Keeping a note of the place of occurrence, activity engaged in, climate you were in, things that could have been triggering etc.


Out all the medicinal qualities in ginger, it has the ability to control asthma too. The components like gingerols, zingerones and shogoals have a anti-inflammatory effects and brings down the symptoms of asthma. Not only does ginger bring down the symptoms of asthma, but it also cleans the lungs and the respiratory tracts. Mix well one tablespoon of ginger juice, one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoon of fenugreek seeds. Soak the mixture overnight and drink it early night to detox the lungs and the respiratory system.


If you are hunting for a remedy to bring down the symptoms of asthma, honey is one of the best remedies. The breathing problem faced during the asthma attacks due to the congestion and mucus formation can be brought under control with the help of honey. Honey soothes the mucus formed in the airways and gives relief to the cough related asthma. Drinking two teaspoons of honey mixed in warm water will ease the air tracts and clean the congestion. You would be surprised to know that inhaling the aroma of the honey too helps in relieving.


Garlic has been putting us in shock since ancient times with its amazing medical treatment properties. Garlic not only helps us in controlling asthma but it also acts as a cure to various diseases like arthritis, cold and flu, digestion problem, insomnia, ulcer etc. The components like allin, phosphorous, allicin, chromium, amino acids and sulfur make garlic to the most effective anti-fungal and antibiotic. In fact, using garlic as a treatment to asthma at the initial stage of asthma can help you in getting rid of it rather than keeping it in control.

NOTE: Asthma is not only about what food and medicine you eat. There are many other factors that trigger the attack of asthma, of which you need to be aware. It is important to stay away from the areas that are polluted and are filled with smoke of nicotine. Such environment can deteriorate your condition.


Vitamins and Minerals for an Acne-free Skin

Pimple is the layman’s term, while in the scientific world it is called Acne Vulgaris. Acne is a skin disease which involves oil glands at the base of the hair follicles. In majority cases it occurs during puberty when the sebaceous glands start working. Acne is not a threat to life but it leaves scares on the skin and makes the person feel belittle about themselves. If explained in easy terms, pimples are the accumulation of dirt and oil in the pores. These pimples block the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe and clear itself.

Causes of Acne

The reason of acne is not one. There are many possibilities to why you have been suffering from acne. But I can surely list down some of the major and common reasons that cause acne to the skin.

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle plays a very important role in your skin health. Having an unhealthy lifestyle not only affects the internal organs but it also the largest organ of the body, skin. Unhealthy lifestyle includes, consuming fried food, drinking less water, not washing the face before going to bed, avoiding healthy eating habits and no physical activities.
  • Internal factors: We are all aware of what internal factors mean. It can either be genes that are playing its villainous role or it can be your hormones. You will have a skin prone to acne if your parents and grandparents had the history of skin related problems. Now for the hormonal issues, this can be solved only by a gynecologist.

Vitamins and Minerals essential for getting rid of the Acne:

Vitamin E

The main objective of Vitamin E is to end the clogged pores and defend skin cells. Vitamin E is the most recommended remedy to have a healthy and beautiful skin. We can always opt for the supplements that contain Vitamin E from the medical stores to increase the consumption of Vitamin E. But there are many natural forms of vitamin E which you can relish anytime. Some good sources of vitamin E are Almonds, Avocado, Spinach, Sunflower seeds and Sweet Potatoes.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known for rejuvenating the skin and making it look healthier and younger. Vitamin A exfoliates the top layer of the skin and increases the turnover by promoting the cells to mature. Vitamin A too have many supplementary sources available in the medical stores, but we many natural forms too which helps the skin feel healthy. Some natural sources of vitamin A are, Carrots, Dark leafy vegetables, dried apricots, Sweet potatoes, Tuba fish and iceberg lettuce.


Zinc is a must to have a healthy and beautiful skin. Zinc has the ability to metabolize omega-3 fatty acids which has proven to be beneficial to the people with stubborn acne. Zinc acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance which fights bacteria causing acne. The natural form of zinc is found in food like, Spinach, pumpkin, chocolates, beans, pork, chicken, mushroom and nuts.

NOTE: Even though there are many supplements that provide high amount of vitamins and minerals, it is always recommended to consume the natural form of these vitamins and minerals.


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