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Anti Viral

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Generic Valtrex

$2.26 Ex Tax: $2.26

Description Generic Valtrex 1000mg is indeed one the most prescribed drug which is widely used to control virus infection caused by herpes. It is made to be effective on every age group, from children to adults to elder aged person. Valacyclovir being the main chemical compound being used for making Generic Valtrex, which make it to be included in the anti-viral league of drugs. Scientist and r..

Generic Zovirax

$0.65 Ex Tax: $0.65

Description Aciclovir is the medication that is very helpful in treating wide range of viral infections including herpes virus infection. Shingles and cold sores can also be treated with this amazing anti-viral drug. It has ability to stop the growth of the virus and that is why it is placed under the class of drugs known as anti-viral medications. It is marketed under various brand names with sa..

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