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Bacterial infection can become messy if left untreated or ignored. This can be treated with the help of antibiotics which are specially made for the treatment of bacterial contamination. Azithromycin is the macrolide antibiotic which has various uses in the eradication of bacterial infection. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this antibiotic in 1991. This medicine can be used to treat bacterial infection of various body parts right from skin to reproductive system. This antibiotic works by interfering with the bacterial cell’s ability to make proteins and thus it stops their spreading. Though it has been certified by FDA, this drug may develop side effects in the users. That is why one must follow precautions carefully to keep complications at bay. Azithromycin tablet is accessible in various other forms too. You will be prescribed the suitable form that will help you to get rid of the bacterial infection.

Action Mechanism of Azithromycin Tablet

Azithromycin is the chemical which acts on the bacterial infection and treats it from the root. This drug has been approved by FDA and that is why it is safer to use for the eradication of illness caused by bacteria. This drug belongs to the macrolide class of drugs. This medicine interferes with the bacterial ability to synthesis proteins. Human cells and bacterial cells make protein in different way and thus this antibiotic doesn’t affect human cells ability to make protein. Therefore this drug can be used with confidence to treat bacterial contamination. Azithromycin tablet is available in several strengths and this must be administered as per your doctor’s instructions. Excessive use of this antibiotic may cause severe side effects and thus it is always better to ask your health care provider before taking the medicine. Follow precautionary measures and get better results with this antibiotic.

Precautionary Measures of Azithromycin Tablet

  • Azithromycin tablet may cause irregular heartbeat which is also known QT prolongation but this is very rare incident and can be handled if medical help is given on time.
  • Expecting moms must discuss the possible effect of the medicine on the unborn baby. As this antibiotic has not been studied in pregnant women, its effect on the growing embryo is unknown.
  • Azithromycin secrets into the breast milk and therefore it are very important to discuss the risks of this medicine on the nursing baby.
  • If you are suffering from severe kidney disorders then dosage adjustment is required.
  • Other infections may occur while being treated with azithromycin tablet and that is why if you develop any sort of symptoms indicating infections.
  • Diarrhea is a common side effect of this antibiotic and if it becomes watery or bloody then stop taking the drug and rush to the doctor.
  • Serious issues related to liver needs adjustment in the doses pattern. Higher doses of the drug may cause serious effects on the health.
  • Allergic reaction to the chemical part of the drug may cause adverse effects on health and that is why it is recommended to stop using the antibiotic if ill effects occur in the user.

Dosage of Azithromycin Tablet

Accurate and proper dosages of azithromycin give you better results in the treatment of bacterial infection. For almost all types of infection, 250 to 500mg daily for three to five days. This dosage may change as per the type of infection to be treated. Your doctor will decide it for you. Take this antibiotic with or without food. Water is the nest liquid to have this pill with. Do not take azithromycin tablet more than prescribe period of time as it may cause ill effects. Always ask your doctor before making any changes in dosages.

Common Side Effects of Azithromycin 250mg Tablet

YYou cannot avoid side effects of medicines. All drugs show some effects after being inducted into the system. Many people tolerate azithromycin very well. But in some mild to severe side effects occur which indicates that their body is trying to adjust with the medicine. Not everybody goes through this phase. After consuming the drug if you feel or suffer from any sort of discomfort or side effects, you need to consult your doctor and if asked, stop talking the medicine. TAzithromycin tablet when consumed for the first time can develop some mild side effects which are well bearable by the consumer. These are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, headache and unexplained skin rash. These effects don’t required medical help to treat them. In fact they disappear within few days. Adjust the doses if you get such effects that stay for longer time span. Ask your doctor for the dosage adjustment of azithromycin tablet. Bloody diarrhea, symptoms of jaundice, trouble breathing, hives, itchiness and irregular heartbeat are few of severe side effects of azithromycin tablet. You need to ask your health care provider for more information regarding the same. He will either cut off the doses or replace this antibiotic with other.

Warnings of Azithromycin Tablet


  • Effects of azithromycin tablet have not been studied in pregnant ladies. It means you need to consult your health care provider before consuming this medicine. This drug may harm the baby and thus one must take it under medical supervision.
  • People with serious health problems regarding kidney or liver organ, must take this drug as per medical guidelines.
  • Azithromycin drug passes into the breast milk and that is why breastfeeding mothers must ask their doctor before taking this medicine.
  • If you are taking other medication then before taking this antibiotic, tell your doctor about the other drugs that you have been taking as this antibiotic is known to cause interference in their working.
  • Like other antibiotics, this one also causes severe diarrhea and that is why if you get such side effects of the drug you need to inform to your health care provider. If it becomes severe, medical help is needed.

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