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Philosophical it may sound, but berries are truly natures gifts, which are packed with good nutrients. And bilberry, from the berries family, offers many advantages then just being a berry. Bilberry, been used for many centuries in ancient times, to cure many Eye diseases like night Blindness, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. It basically formulates capillary to be able to defend itself against free radicals. Bilberry Capsules, being an herbal product, it is extracted from bilberries to produce well quality Bilberry capsules and bilberry tablets. Although it is been predominantly used for eye care treatments, but it can significantly used to heal mild-level diarrhea, improving heart conditions and strengthening blood vessels by hardening arteries. And other uses like fatigue, osteoporosis, gout, various skin infections and kidney disease, if it is prescribed by your doctor. You can buy Bilberry capsules or tablets in two quantities, 125mg and 250mg. Although 125mg is sufficient enough for normal conditions!

How organic Bilberry pills works

Blueberry contains many chemical compounds like tannins, flavonoides and bunch of theirs aspects that make is so effective in defending itself against most of the disease. The tannins compound in Bilberry Tablets/Capsules, is helpful not only curing mild diarrhea effectively but also works on oral or throat sores or irritations, depleting inflammation in a course of time. Not only the bilberry extracts, but its leaves extracts can also be a boon for other disease and symptoms. Blood sugar level and cholesterol content can also be lower with blueberry extracts. These factors might not contribute direct effects on above diseases but indeed it felicitates its factions. Other than that, it also contains Flavonoides compound which is most useful for people who are suffering from diabetes. Although it helps maintaining your blood pressure problems by not only removing cholesterol particles but also maintaining blood sugar level, which is helpful in reducing risk of heart and stroke disease. And with smooth flow in circulation you will have less risk of retinal infection or irritation. And about bilberry capsules or tablets, it is suggested by most pharmaceuticals moguls, hence it would be wise decision to buy Bilberry Capsules (dose of 250mg) or Bilberry tablets, as per your convince.


For Circulatory problems, just taking bilberry extract that contains 173 mg of certain chemicals, named as Anthocyanins. On daily basis, for 30 days to eliminate symptoms associated with circulation problems, generically known as, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)! For improvement in swelling, pain, bruising, and burning associated with CVI it is suggested to have bilberry capsules 250mg on daily basis for up to 6 months would be useful. In Eye-Health related Problems associated with the retina of the eye diabetic or high blood pressure (retinopathy) having Bilberry capsules, which contains high amount of chemical compound, called anthocyanoside, to improve retina problems associated with diabetes or high blood pressure patients gradually.

Precautionary Measures and warning

  • Although, being an herbal product, since it is extract adverse side effects. But conditions can derive from person to person. Hence some measures should be avoided before using Bilberry Capsules.
  • In case of curing diarrhea, bilberry tends to create laxative effect and so does real bilberry would. But if conditions remains constant even after 3-4 days even after following its course, it would be time to visit you doctor.
  • For Diabetic individual, since it works wonder is lowering your sugar level in blood, just keep check on it and keep updating your doctor about it. Since too much drop in sugar can cause another set of problems.
  • For ?Would Be-Mothers? or breast-feeding one, though there are not sited side effects ever since, but is suggested to avoid it. And if it is really necessary, ask your doctor if it is right.
  • Just in case if you miss your daily doses, it is okay. If next doses is within dew hours, then avoid having previous dose, it can be skipped. This will eliminate chances of overdose.
  • In case if you are not clear about any instruction, remember the pack of bilberry capsule 250mg comes with instruction leaflet, make the best use of it.
  • And last but not the least, there are many cheap Bilberry extract options available in the market.

Side Effects of Bilberry Capsules 250mg

Like any other medicine in the market, bilberry 250mg is also subject to cause some side effects. But be assured, most of the side effects are minor and temporary effects. Some minor side effects of Bilberry pills could include Dry eyes or mouth, upset stomach is some cases. However, your allergy history or its pattern can cause crucial role if any severe side-effects. Allergy infused reactions like rash; hives; irritation or itching; uneasy breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue could be fierce. So if in case you have allergies then it is better to consult your doctor before having it.

Benefits of Bilberry tablets

    • Despite all the precautions and possible side effects, there is some astounding benefit of bilberry extract, extracted from organic bilberries that worth mentioning here.

Being part of berries family, it is an enriched source of antioxidant which not only renders positive effects on your skin but also slowdowns risk of free radicals.

  • Believe it not, but can also be effective in preventing growth of cancer cells (specifically colon or breast cancer) and leukemia. It happens due to phenolic components delphinidin and glycosides content find in organic bilberry, which is rendered in bilberry capsules and tablets. So now you have one more precaution against cancer.
  • Rather than just curing cataract and night-blindness, it can also be used as overall measures for total eye care. As we age, we being more prone to ocular disorder and other eye-related diseases. Bilberries extract can be useful in to defend its effects. Other than that, the anti-radical elements helps the restoration process and homeostasis of corneal limbal epithelial cells, it also protects the eyes from endotoxin-induced uvenitis and rhodopsin pigment which supports the eye to adapt to light changes. See is told you it is weapon for complete eye care.
  • Other then eye care, it can also be boon for those who are looking for ways to restore kidney health. It has been proved that many elements from bilberry extract helps to stabilize many factors like levels of creatinine, serum blood urea nitrogen and nitric oxides. And it also improves oxygen radical absorption capacity of kidney tissues to defend any oxidative damage.
  • The lesser know benefit of Bilberry extract, it is anti-microbial. It can prevent some human pathogens like Salmonella, H.pylori, Bacillus, clostridium and Staphylococcus aureus and prevents the development of associated diseases. So you can make it count.
  • We guess these are enough reasons for you decide to buy Bilberry tablets (of 250mg Strength) from our online portal.

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