Brimonidine Tartrate(Alphagan P)



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Glaucoma or open angle glaucoma is a well known eye disorder that affects mainly old age people. Brimonidine Tartrate is used to treat this eye ailment effectively. It is defined as the increase pressure in the eye due to blockage to the drainage of fluid present in the eye. As the pressure increases, damage to the optic nerve leads to permanent loss of vision. To prevent this, people purchase brimonidine tartrate online. It helps in proper drainage of the fluid thus releasing the pressure inside the eye.Chemical used in this eye drop is very powerful in treating glaucoma. Alphagan P is accessible at lowest prices.

Action Mechanism of Brimonidine Tartrate (Alphagan P)

Alphagan P 0.15% is used extensively in the treatment and management of glaucoma. It is used to treat open angle glaucoma. FDA has approved this medicaiton in this regard. Thus it is very much safe and sound to use this ophthalmic solution. It offers once a day dosing and thus many buy it. Users are quite happy with the working of this medicament and have reported positive feedbacks. It is possible only when you use this eye drop under medical supervision. It is quite exciting and useful also to know how this drop works. Brimonidine Tartrate works to treat open angle glaucoma. In this disorder eye fluid exerts pressure inside the eye thus increasing chances of optic nerve damage. It clears the blockage and thus drainage of fluid is possible. It reduces the risk of blindness related to glaucoma. Thus people buy Alphagan P to clear the complications. This medicament follows a simple way of working and that is why patients and even doctor appreciates this eye drop. Millions search for this drop online. This eye drop is extensively available for the treatment of eye ailment.


Obeying precautionary measures aid in getting better results from medications. Avoiding them takes you nowhere. Whether it is an oral drug or topical one, safety rules need to be followed strictly. When you buy Alphagan P, it comes with a list of precautions that help you to receive ample of benefits. Very important precaution is to consulting a health care provider before buying brimonidine tartrate online. This applies to every medication. A proper medical advice helps in deciding the ingest mode. Do not use it in excess amount. Tell your doctor if you are consuming any other medications before you buy this eye drops to treat eye problems. Any other eye disorder is present already then it becomes crucial to let your doctor know about it before you go for Alphagan P online. Keep an eye on the intraocular pressure or pressure inside your eye while getting treated with brimonidine tartrate. These are some safety rules that assist one to have healthy eye treatment. It is very important to know about these precautions before you buy this eye drop solution to treat glaucoma. To get more information regarding the same then contact your physician who knows the best for you.


Every drug comes with specific dosage pattern. It also depends on certain factors such as current medical status, weight and age of the patient. Thus ask your doctor before you purchase brimonidine tartrate online. He will tell you about the usage of this eye drop along with hygiene rules you need to follow. Wash your hands before handling the container of the medicine. Put exactly one drop or the number of drops as told by the medical practitioner. Do not put more amount of this drop in the eyes as it may cause adverse effects. To avoid any complication obey instructions given by your doctor.

Side Effects of Alphagan P (Brimonidine tartrate)

Drugs have no existence without side effects. They are interconnected to each other. Generally they show their presence in a mild way. Sometimes one can experience severe effects too. Medical treatment helps in managing them. But it is important to know about it before you buy Alphagan P. This is an eye drop used in the management of glaucoma. This also shows some mild and serious fallouts and one need to manage them with the help of medical expert. Brimonidine Tartrate causes itchy eyes, burning sensation, eye discomfort and sensitivity to light when used for the first time. Eventually these effects tend to reduce as you use eye drops over prolonged period of time. When you buy Alphagan P, make sure to ask your doctor about the serious fallouts of the drug. Fast or irregular heartbeat, eye pain, prolonged headache, extreme sensitivity, severe dizziness is some of the severe side effects. These effects may occur if you are allergic to the medicine. In such cases stop using the drug. Therefore ask your health care provider before getting brimonidine tartrate online. This will help you to cope up with them whenever they occur.

Warnings of Alphagan P

  • Children of age 2 to 12 are forbidden from using brimonidine tartrate eye drops.
  • People suffering from depression need not to buy this drop to treat glaucoma. They must contact their physician to avoid any sort of health complications.
  • Health issues such as angina, Reynaud’s phenomenon or people with stroke where brain supply to the brain has been reduced should not use brimonidine tartrate eye solution.
  • Do not use this medicament when you feel dizzy or light-headed. People must consult their health care provider before buying Alphagan P online.
  • If you wear contact lenses then take extra care while using it. Remove them while putting in drops and wear them after a period of time.
  • People allergic to the chemical used in Alphagan P should not use this medicament. It may cause serious effects.
  • Breastfeeding mothers shouldn?t buy it is not good for nursing child.
  • People with kidney and liver issues should use brimonidine tartrate with great caution.

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