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Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic which fights off bacteria in the body. It is used to treat several bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infection, eye and intestinal infections, acne, and infections in and around the mouth. Doxycycline capsule is also useful to prevent malaria. Although the antibiotic is approved by FDA but it’s unnecessary use or misuse may decrease its effectiveness or cause adverse effects. Thus, you should consult your doctor about its usage and dose to get desirable effects out of it. Doxycycline capsule is a versatile antibiotic that means it works against a wide range of bacteria and is very effective. The drug is sold under various brand names, but its generic form is cheaper to buy than its branded versions.

Action Mechanism of Doxycycline Capsules

Mechanism of action is the method of the drug to act on a problem and to remove the root cause of the problem by reducing the impact of the infection. Bactria needs to synthesize proteins for reproduction. However, Doxycycline pill interrupts the bacterial cells from carrying out the essential functions for their survival which stops the bacteria from multiplying and spreading infection throughout the body. This is how an infection is prevented after the consumption of this medicine. You need to take the dosage of Doxycycline medicine as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Since Doxycycline pill is a resourceful drug which can be used to treat several medical conditions and thus, it is important that you should know for which reason the doctor has prescribed the drug for you. The correct dosage and time for the treatment will be determined by your healthcare provider for positive results. You should not take Doxycycline tablet if you are allergic to any of the tetracycline antibiotics or any of its ingredients. Every drug has its side effects and Doxycycline isn’t an exceptional. Hence, you should consult your doctor if any side effects you may experience during the treatment. Because of its promising results Food and Drug Administration approved its usage for several infections including the treatment of malaria.

Precautionary Measures of Doxycycline Capsules

    • Antibiotics may cause allergic reactions in the user. Therefore on the occurrence of any sort of allergic signs you need to consult with your doctor.
    • To keep the risk of formation of ulcers and esophageal pain, have plenty of fluid while you are taking doxycycline capsules.
    • These antibiotics have been known to increase the pressure inside the skull. Well it doesn’t happen with all antibiotics but if you develop symptoms such as headache, blurred vision, vomiting and dizziness then you must consult your health care professional.
    • Oral or vaginal infection may occur with prolonged use of doxycycline capsules and thus report if any of these effects occur after using the drug. Taking this medicine in pregnancy is no safe for the baby.
    • This antibiotic passes into the breast milk and thus breastfeeding mothers must discuss the risks of this drug to their nursing baby.
    • If you are dealing with liver or kidney disorders then you must take lower strength of the drug or avoid it completely.

This drug has tendency to interfere with other drugs causing ill effects on the health. Therefore you must tell your doctor about the other medicines you are taking.

Dosage of Doxycycline Capsules

Dosing pattern of antibiotics depend on many factors such as age, medical condition and the type of bacterial contamination to be treated. For most of the bacterial infections the standard dosage of doxycycline is 100 to 200mg daily for 7 to 14 days. For serious infection this treatment can be carried out for longer period of time until it gets cured. For the prevention of malaria the dosage is 100mg for adults. For children dosage of the antibiotic depend on their weight. People who have been exposed to anthrax, doxycycline capsules of 100mg strength can be given twice in a day for 60 days. As mentioned in the start, doses depend on the type of the bacteria infection.

Common Side Effects of Doxycycline Capsules

YVarious side effects have been studies and documented by clinical trials and studies. Not everyone who uses the drug gets side effects. There are people who suffer from mild to severe effects. You need to consult your doctor as these gentle side effects may become serious as time passes by but the incidents are very rare. You may experience mild side effects with doxycycline capsules. Commonly occurring ill effects are nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, vomiting, skin allergic reactions, lack of appetite etc. You may or may not get these side effects after taking the drug. Some people may get few or all of the effects mentioned above. Medical treatment is not necessary as far as they are not bothering you. You can continue taking the medicine till your infection gets cured. In some cases potential serious side effects of doxycycline may develop and you need to rush to the emergency room of the hospital to get rid of them. Trouble swallowing, watery or bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, blurred vision, fever, severe allergic reaction and unusual fatigue are some of the severe side effects of this antibiotic. Medical assistance is required if these effects become serious and stays for longer period of time.

Warnings of Doxycycline Capsules

  • Certain medications can interfere with doxycycline capsules and vice versa. To avoid any type of complications. Therefore you must tell your doctor about any other drugs you are using for other health ailments.
  • Pregnant women must not use this medicine as it is not recommended for them. The chemical part of the drug may harm the unborn child and that is why expecting mothers must discuss the possible risks to the embryo.
  • Reduction in the dosages of doxycycline is required when the user is suffering from severe kidney or liver disorders.
  • This drug has tendency to passes into the breast milk. It may cause harm to the feeding baby and therefore women must discuss the possible effects of the drug on their baby before taking the medicine.
  • This medicine may cause permanent discoloration in infants and children.
  • Like other antibiotics, this one also causes diarrhea and if it persist or if it is watery or bloody in nature, you need to meet your doctor.

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