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1. Are generic drugs are different from branded ones?

There is no difference between generic and branded drugs except their prices. The chemical composition of the medicine remains the same. Well known companies made branded drugs. Generic drugs are manufactured when the patency of branded drug finishes off.

2. Does this website have branded drugs listed in their catalogue?

We do provide all sorts of generic drugs but yes some drugs are presented in their branded form. We offer both types of drugs depending on the requirement of customers. Customers can compare the prices of both drugs and chooses what suits best for them.

3. Do generic medicines offer finest quality?

Yes! There is no doubt that all generic drugs comes with best quality. It is mandatory that you must ask your health care professional regarding the best dosage form and strength of the generic drug so that it will give you excellent results. As the chemical content used in the generic medicines is same as the branded one and therefore you can use these drugs without any fear.

4. Is it safe to share personal details such as credit card details on the web?

It is quite normal to have some doubt about the safety of sharing any of the personal information on the web especially when you are making online payments. All online drug stores have excellent security system that encloses and sealed your information within the system so it doesn’t get leaked to any third party.

5. How does the parcel reach us?

There are two methods of shipping which are EMS and post registered. The parcel is shipped quickly once the formalities are done. It is shipped as per the given date and time. If you don’t get your parcel on time then it is better to have a word with the customer care cell to keep track of your order.

6. What should I do if the parcel is delayed, misplaced or missing?

If any of these mentioned incidents happened to you, you can take action as per the refund policy. This policy has been created for customers to claim for refund in easier way without any hassle. An individual may get 100% return if he or she is able to provide the proof of the problem occurred with the shipment of the parcel. Before placing an order one must go through the policies to get better idea about the procedure.

7. How should I know about the status of the order?

Customer service team is the option you can check out if you wish to keep checking the progress of your order. You may be provided with special tracking number and you can keep track of your order easily. The other way is to keep checking your email inbox. Customer support always drops in emails regarding the status of your order till it reaches to your doorstep. Go on the website, log in into your account by using the account details and check emails regarding order tracking.