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Generic albuterol inhaler is highly demanded drug for the treatment and prevention of asthma attack and other breathing disorder. This works on the chocked airways of the lungs that carry air to the lings. This is how it helps one to breathe easily. This is also useful for other breathing disorders where the airways are swollen and inflamed. The air passages become narrow because of the deposition of the mucus spasm on the muscles that are wrapped around these airways. Constriction of air gaps results in symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, cough that makes difficult to take a breath and makes one exhausted. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved generic albuterol in 1982. This is the safer drug to be used in the treatment of asthma and other breathing disorders. Online and offline drug stores sold this drug at reasonable prices.

Action Mechanism of Generic Albuterol (Ventolin)

Medications works on the health concern with particular mode of working. This decides how effective and faster the drug is. Generic albuterol is not an exceptional case as it also has special way of treating asthma and allergic reactions. This drug when consumed in proper amount known to have better effects on breathing disorders. The credit owe by the chemical core of the medication. This help in clearing the symptoms to the faire extent. Generic albuterol is generally used for people suffering from breathing disorder asthma. This is the disorder that affects the airways that carries air to and from lungs. These airways or air passages becomes inflamed and swollen. This happens when it get triggered due to allergens of factors. It results in constricted airways that cannot carry air to the lungs. In such conditions symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness and other symptoms can be seen. Generic albuterol inhaler works on the airways and opens them. This makes breathing easier. This medication need to be consumed as directed by the doctor. Use this inhaler when needed.


  • Before using generic albuterol, you must discuss your medical history and current medical status with your health care provider. Health concerns such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, seizures, diabetes and overactive thyroid gland must be discussed with the doctor prior taking the drug.
  • Asthma symptoms may become severe if you are using the drug more frequently. In such cases getting medical help must be your first priority.
  • Generic albuterol inhalers can stimulate your high blood pressure and heart. Thus you may suffer from high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and also low blood pressure.
  • Do not puncture the inhaler or keep it near any heating object or flames as the content of the container is under high pressure.
  • It is not safe to use generic albuterol inhaler in pregnancy as it may cause harmful effects to the growing embryo. In case it is to be taken than consulting a doctor is must.
  • It is not known whether this inhaled drug passes into the breast milk. Thus before taking the drug, get to know the possible effects of the medicine on the nursing child.


Generic albuterol inhaler is used in the treatment or prevention of the asthma attack. This need to be used when the attack is about to come or is in the initial stage. Two sprays are sufficient and these can be increased as per the severity of the symptoms. You must consult your health care provider in case if you need this asthma medication spray more often. Your doctor will give you supplementary drugs with generic albuterol inhaler. In case if this spray doesn?t work for you then you need to talk with your doctor for other medications.

Side Effects Of Generic Albuterol Inhalers

Various studies and clinical trials done with generic albuterol have come up with some side effects that occur in the user. These generally develop due to several reasons. If you consume the drug in wrong manner or have it in excess amount may lead to development of aftereffects in the user. You can either have mild or severe side effects depend on how you have taken the drug. The most commonly occurring side effects with generic albuterol inhaler includes cough, heart palpitations, runny nose, irritation in the nose, muscle pain or bone pain, nausea, nervousness, irritation in the throat, tremor, upper respiratory tract infection, vomiting etc. These side effects are harmless and generally bearable. These aftereffects of generic albuterol stays for short time period and do not bother the user. You need not to call your doctor. In case if symptoms persist or become worse then you need to contact your health care provider. In very rare cases generic albuterol causes serious side effects. These need to get medical assistance or else they can affect user?s health. Call your doctor if you notice worsening of breathing problem, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes, severe allergic reactions, voice change, sleeping troubles, increased sweating, leg cramps etc.

Warnings of Ventolin

  • Frequent use of generic albuterol may become habitual and worsen the symptoms of asthma. Tell your doctor if you are using the inhaler more frequently.
  • This inhaler drug has stimulatory effect on blood pressure and heart. Irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure or raise in the blood pressure may occur. Hence if you have hypertension, heart issues then you must share this information with your health care provider.
  • People suffering from hyperthyroidism or diabetes, epilepsy then they must use generic albuterol inhaler with great care. This medication can worsen the condition and can cause severe side effects in the user.
  • If you are using other medications then you ought to share this info with your doctor. This drug tends to interfere with other drugs.
  • It may not be safe to use this inhaler in pregnancy. It may harm the unborn baby.
  • It is not clear whether this drug passes into the breast milk and hence its effect on the nursing baby must be discussed with the doctor prior taking the drug.

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