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Generic Atarax (hydroxyzine) is basically designed to treat allergic reactions, but it can be used in several medical conditions. It acts as an antihistamine that reduces the natural substance histamine which your body makes during an allergic reaction. In an allergic reaction, body responses by showing symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose or hives on the skin. Due to its sedative properties it can be given with other medications for anesthesia. Generic Atarax is also used to treat anxiety and tension. Due to its multi-use quality it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1956. The body releases histamine in the response to allergens which causes sneezing, itching and a runny nose. An antihistamine such as Atarax reduces the allergic symptoms in the individuals giving an instant relief from irritating symptoms. You should not take this drug if you?re allergic to hydroxyzine, you?re pregnant or breastfeeding a child. Generic Atarax drug is only prescribed by a doctor to those with an allergic reaction or any other medical conditions.

Action Mechanism of Generic Atarax

Hydroxizine is the chemical used in the making of this anti-allergic medicament. This has active role in the treatment of allergic symptoms. It is an anticholinergic agent with sedative properties. This drug is widely used to get relief from symptoms such as sneezing, itching etc. Our body releases a chemical known as histamine during the several allergic episodes which brings out the symptoms when it gets released into the bloodstream. Generic atarax binds to its receptor on cells. This is how it helps in blocking the action of histamine and stops allergic reactions. Generic atarax (Hydroxyzine) is the antihistaminic drug that works on the histamine receptors and treats the condition. It has sedative properties and thus may cause sleepiness in the user. The chemical of this drug has no activity of its own. When it reaches to the digestive tract it gets converted into its active form that actually works on the histamine receptor and stops allergic symptoms. As soon as the histamine production is stopped, one can experience reduction in the symptoms such as swelling, itching or sneezing. You must take generic atarax in moderate amount as it may cause drowsiness preventing you from doing any kind of work which demands complete alertness.


  • Talk with your health care provider if you have any sort of health concern including Alzheimer?s disease, liver disorders, kidney diseases, enlarged prostate, glaucoma, heart problems or any other allergic issues. This drug may cause issues in patients suffering from the disorders mentioned above.
  • Oldies are more prone to develop severe side effects of generic atarax and hence dosage adjustment is needed for them. They must take their doctor?s advice before going ahead with this allergic drug.
  • Being an anticholinergic agent, this tablet could worsen Alzheimer?s disease or enlarged prostate gland. Therefore people struggling with these health concerns must ask their health care provider before consuming the drug.
  • You may feel drowsy after taking generic atarax pills. Thus do not go for work that wants your full attention after consuming these pills.
  • This drug might not be safe for growing fetus and hence pregnant women must not use this drug. In extreme cases if it very much necessary to use this drug then taking medical advice would help.
  • There are no evidences whether generic atarax (Hydroxyzine) passes into the breast milk or not. Hence ask your medical officer to get more information about the same.

Dosage of Generic Atarax

Accurate dosing pattern of the drug helps in clearing off the illness faster. You need to ask your doctor as dosages of generic atarax may vary for certain allergic illness. For adults the recommended dosage is 50 to 100mg four times in a day. For the treatment of itching the dose is 25mg three to four times a day. These dosages of generic atarax may vary based on the type of allergic reaction to be treated or age of the sufferer. You must ask your doctor about more information on the dosage pattern of the drug. Never make changes in the doses of this drug on your own.

Common Side Effects of Generic Atarax 10mg

Side effects and drugs have a very deep relationship. You will never have any drug that promises no or zero side effects. You will have bad or ill effects just like you get good effects with the medicine. With generic atarax also you get both the sets of aftereffects including the gentle and serious effects. You need to be in touch with your health care provider in order to stay on the safer side. Never ignore any slightest of change in your health once you start taking this medicament. Generic atarax may cause some side effects which are gentle in nature. These effects do not need any medical help or assistance to get rid of them. You need to wait patiently for few days and they vanish on their own. Dry mouth, drowsiness, shakiness, hives, swelling, wheezing or breathing issues are gentle effects that disappears on their own. In very rare cases serious effects of generic atarax (Hydroxyzine) can be seen. Hallucinations, seizers or severe allergic reactions are listed under the serious effects caused by this medicine. In both the cases you need to inform these effects to your health care provider. Take this medicine in proper amount to keep complications at bay.

Warnings of Generic Atarax

  • Elderly people shouldn?t take this medication on their own as it may cause certain effects that are not tolerable by them.
  • This medication produces sleepiness in users and hence after consuming this medication they must not get involve in work that requires complete alertness.
  • Generic atarax 10mg may interact with other drugs that you are already taking. Hence it is better to tell your doctor about each and every medication you are using for the treatment of other illness.
  • This drug is not for pregnant women. It may harm the unborn baby and that is why it is not recommended for expecting mothers.
  • It is not clear whether generic atarax passes into the breast milk and that is the reason breastfeeding mothers shouldn?t take this drug on their own.

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