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Baldness is haunting men since ancient times. Now this issue has become severe in men. Generic Propecia is the treatment option for this embarrassing problem. FDA has approved this medication and that is the reason millions of men searching generic propecia (Finasteride) online to get rid of humiliation caused due to baldness. Chemical ingredient of this anti hair fall drug is so effective that it enhances hair growth as well. There are balding men praising it for giving them their hair back. This drug is mainly manufactured for men only and therefore women are not allowed to purchase generic propecia for their hair fall. This miraculous medicament therapy is available online and offline also.

Action Mechanism of Generic Propecia (Finasteride)

By following an effectual functionality generic propecia works on the hair fall problem in men. The credit goes to internal chemical used in the making of this medication. It has flair for treating the issue by attacking on the root cause of male baldness. Generic Propecia when taken in proper amount works on the cause for hair loss in men that is an enzyme alpha type II reductase. This enzyme has tendency to convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is a product related to hair loss in men. But when you order it, you become tension free. This medicament blocks conversion and promotes hair growth. Active chemical of generic propecia (Finasteride) is strong enough to beat the enzyme. Working of the drug takes longer around one year and hence one needs patience. If you can wait that longer than go ahead and order it. Results are outstanding and therefore millions are using this medication. In this one year you can see the changes that you get with this medication. It is the easiest way to get this drug online. It takes time to get new hairs back. But its is very cost effectiveness and it also do not put burden on your budget. It is the reason it has become so much dearer to men all over the world.


Precautionary measures are those which help in getting the best out of a medication. They come as a set of instructions normally regarding the consumption of drugs, here generic propecia. Generally safety measures should be followed before getting it online to keep the dangers of medicaments at bay. It is always a welcome sing when you talk with your doctor regarding the safeguard information about this medication & then order it. When you are adhere to these precautionary measures then nothing can harm you. This stands true in the case of this tablet also. Thus always take drugs under medical surveillance. Get a valid prescription from your doctor before you buy generic propecia pills. Excessive intake may put your health in danger it is recommended to consume it as per medical instructions. Take this tablet for the prescribed time length. It provides sufficient time for the drug to work on the problem of male pattern hair loss. Keep on checking your blood periodically to keep eye on liver functioning. It is the important point to remember while gaining this tablet online. Women and children are forbidden to order generic propecia (Finasteride). It is not for them. Health issues such as liver problems, prostate cancer and bladder disorder than it are better to stay in touch with your doctor before you go for purchacing it. Expecting mothers should not touch the broken or open tablet of this medication as it may cause birth defects in the child.


Exact dosage pattern is required to make any drug work on the targeted health problem. Thus consult your doctor before you order generic propecia (Finasteride) to treat hair loss problem. You need to obey your doctor when it comes to safe consumption of the medicament. Thus take the drug as per the instructions to avail benefits. The standard dosage of this tablet is 1mg daily. This dosage need to be taken for the given time period in order to achieve the desirable outcome. Take one pill of this medication without breaking it. Do not chew it. Meet your physician to get to know about the dosing pattern before you buy generic propecia online.

Side Effects of Generic Propecia 1mg

Side effects come naturally with drug. It is like book with a title. Though these ill effects affect one’s routine life, they are harmless and stay only up to the time span till your body gets adjusted to the medication. Generic Propecia is a drug that is used for the treatment of baldness in men also known as androgenic alopecia. It has some adverse effects that show up their presence. It causes mild and severe type of effects depends on the mode and amount of consumption. Therefore it is strongly forewarned to get medical advice before getting it online. Side effects of this tablet that are gentle in nature include loss of libido, abnormal ejaculation and slight dizziness. Get to know about them before you buy generic propecia pills. There are some serious effects too though the ratio of such incidents is very low. Serious effects are problem in breathing; changes in breast, swelling in facial gestures etc. Keep these data in mind before going for this medication. Generic propecia (Finasteride) is generally well tolerated in men. Very rarely it causes side effects. But in any case if you find it hard to tackle the situation, see a doctor. Ask your physician before orderding this medication.

Warnings of Generic Propecia

  • Generic Propecia is strictly invented for the treatment of hair fall problem in men and not in women. Therefore women and children also need to stay away from this drug. They are not allowed to buy generic propecia tablets.
  • Consume the medication in proper amount. Excess dosage than prescribe one does not fasten the results. Therefore do take it in enough quantity.
  • Pregnant ladies should not take this medication as it is not the drug for them. These women should stay away from this medicament as it is known to cause severe damage to the embryo if a broken tablet comes in contact with the skin.
  • Do not take generic propecia (Finasteride) more than time length assigned.
  • Let your doctor know about the medicaments you are using to treat other health issues before ordering it online. It will help in reducing cases of drug interaction and eventually complications can be prevented.
  • Tell our doctor if you are allergic to the chemical core of this medication. If you are positive for allergic sequence caused by it then do not order it.
  • Always search for reliable drug stores while purchasing generic propecia online.

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