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Generic protonix contains pantoprazole as its chemical content. This medicine is widely used in the treatment of ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), heartburn and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome caused by excessive stomach acid. These issues develop irritating symptoms that can be reduced with the help of anti acid drugs. This medicine works on this issue by decreasing the acid production in the stomach by blocking the acid secretion. This is done by blocking the enzyme involved in this process. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval has made generic protonix a safer way to treat digestive issues. This medicine is well tolerable and thus can be used in oldies also. Side effects are of mild nature that disappears in couple of days. You need to follow the guidelines regarding usage of the drug to get better and effectual outcome after consuming the drug. Do not use this medicine without consulting with your doctor.

Action Mechanism of Generic Protonix

Drugs have a method to treat the health disorders and this is given to them by their chemical content. This method is known as mechanism of action or mode of action. This helps the drug to locate the exact fault in the body system and also treats them. Generic protonix also possess a particular mechanism of action which helps in reducing the illness caused due to excessive acid production from the stomach. The effectiveness of the drug depends on the chemical content. Generic protonix has pantoprazole in its core which acts on the issue. This drug belongs to the class known as proton pump inhibitor or PPI. This medicine when consumed starts acting on the wall of the stomach. An enzyme which is responsible for the secretion of the acid in the stomach lies in the wall of it. This drug blocks this enzyme and thus curbs the production of acid in the stomach. As it gets suppressed, ulcer in the stomach and esophagus gets healed. Generic protonix is the drug that is being used to treat GERD and also to prevent it from causing serious complications. Take accurate dosages and follow the instructions carefully to get better results after consuming the drug.


  • Higher dosage of generic protonix or long term use of this medicine put the user at the increased risk of developing fragile bones in the user. Therefore one must keep checking bone density to avoid any complications.
  • One may suffer from diarrhea after taking the drug. This is the common symptom of this medication but if it becomes severe with fever and abdominal pain then it is the time to see a doctor.
  • You may suffer from low magnesium levels in the blood after being treated with generic protonix. If you get symptoms such as seizures pr muscle spasms, you need to contact your health care provider.
  • There are drugs with this which this medicine interacts causing ill effects on health. Therefore you must tell your doctor about the all drugs that you are been taking for the treatment of other health ailments.
  • It is not clear whether generic protonix passes into the breast milk. Thus it is very important to discuss the possible risks to the nursing kid before going for the drug.
  • Pregnant women must consult with their health care provider before taking the medication. This will help to decrease the risk to the unborn baby.
  • People taking generic protonix may suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency as this drug is known to suppress the absorption of this vitamin causing illness related to it.


Accurate dosage of generic protonix depends on the severity of the symptoms and also on the age of the sufferer. Ask your health care professional about it as he is the best person to guide you regarding the same. For GERD, dosage for adult is 40mg once daily for 4 to 8 weeks. The standard dosage for people with excessive acid production is 40mg twice a day. The dosage may be repeated if required. It is beneficial to take generic protonix almost 30minutes prior the meals. Swallow the tablet as a whole without crushing it. Never take this drug with any other liquid or alcohol. Water is the best solvent for this medicine.

Side Effects of Generic Protonix 20mg

Side effects and drugs are not separable. It means whenever you consume a drug you get the aftermaths too. You cannot have a drug without suffering from the ill effects of that medicine. But it is not the case with every user as there are people who don’t suffer from any sort of side issues after consuming the drug. After having generic protonix, you may either suffer from mild or severe side effects. The best way to tackle with them is to get to know about them before consuming the medicine. Most people get mild natured side effects. These stay for short period of time and generally don’t bother the sufferer much. If they become serious or remain for longer time span then you must consult your doctor. After consuming the medicine you may get headache, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, skin rash, burping, vomiting and abnormal functioning test of liver. These are mild in natures but in some cases this drug may produce slightly severe effects. if you suffer from anxiety, chest and back pain, dizziness, neck pain, urinary tract infection (UTI), fragile bones and respiratory tract infection etc. If you notice any of these effects call your doctor. Generic protonix, in very rare cases develops severe allergic reactions, irregular heartbeat, anemia, arthritis, weight loss or gain, acne etc. You need to o discuss these abnormal effects of the medicine with your doctor to get a clear idea about them.

Warnings of Generic Protonix

  • Pregnant women must take this drug as directed by their doctor. This drug has not been studied in pregnant women so the risk to the unborn baby is not clear.
  • Generic protonix is known to abate the level of magnesium in the blood and that is why you may go through seizures, muscle spasms or fast heartbeats. If you observe any of these symptoms, you need to rush to the doctor.
  • This medicine can react potentially with other drugs and that is why one must disclose to the doctor about every drugs being taken by him before consuming this medication.
  • People taking higher dosage of generic protonix or using this drug for longer period of time are at the high risk of broken bones. Therefore it is mandatory to keep checking bone density while being on the treatment of this medication.
  • Do not use excessive amount of the drug for faster recovery. Extra dosages won’t cure the disorders quickly but develops allergic reactions.

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