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Generic singulair is a drug used to get relief from seasonal allergies. It belongs to the class of drugs known as leukotriene inhibitors. This leukotriene is the chemical released by your body when it inhales or comes in contact with allergen like pollen grains or dust particles. Under the influence of this chemical, the airways becomes narrow because the muscles around it tightens and make it difficult to pass air through them. This is how asthma symptoms become severe and person suffers from breathlessness. This medication is also used in the treatment and prevention of year-round allergies in children and adults. Montelukast sodium is the chemical that forms this medication. This drug is responsible to show the effective results in the case of allergic reactions or asthma symptoms. It is important to take generic singulair (Montelucast Sodium) under medical supervision. Being slow in action, this drug cannot be used to get relief from asthma attack.

Action Mechanism of Generic Singulair (Montelucast Sodium)

Mechanism of action is the pattern of drug that shows how the very drug is working on the illness and reduces the symptoms. This pattern is different for every medication. The effectiveness of the drug can be measured by the prompt mode of action of the drug. The chemical part is the active part in medicament which actually goes to the site where its action is required. The active or ?working? chemical of generic singulair is montelukast sodium. This drug fall into the category of medicines known as leukotriene inhibitors. This leukotriene is the chemical that is being released by our body when any allergen goes inside the body. Due to this chemical release, you can experience asthma symptoms or other allergic reactions. This medication is strong enough to stop release of this chemical. This is how it helps in reducing the symptoms giving relief to the sufferer. Leukotriene mostly tightens up the airways causing asthmatic symptoms such as shortness of breath and other reactions caused due to allergies. Consumption of generic singulair blocks the secretion of this hazardous chemical and thus prevents or treats the allergic symptoms. This drug needs to be ingested under medical surveillance to have better and safer outcome.


  • Before using generic singulair, the user must have brief discussion about this very drug in terms of its effectiveness and side effects. If any form of allergic reactions occurs after consuming the medication then one need to stop using it and consult a health care provider.
  • Tell your doctor about your medical history and current status. If you have history of liver disorders then follow safety measures while consuming this anti-allergic drug.
  • Chewable form of generic singulair (Montelucast Sodium) may contain phenylalanine. You need to have word about it if you are suffering from phenylketoneuria (PKU).
  • This drug need to be used with great care if you are pregnant or wish to become pregnant during the treatment.
  • Do not consume generic singulair without informing your health care provider if you are breastfeeding a baby.
  • This drug is not for asthma attacks as it acts slowly on the symptoms. If you are having asthma attack, other drugs or inhalers rather than this anti-allergic drug.
  • If you are taking inhaled or oral form of steroids then before using generic singulair 10mg, slowly stop using steroids. Immediate stopping of steroid usage may lead to dangerous effects on health.


Consult your doctor for better guidance on dosage of generic singulair. They depend on various factors including age, weight and medical history of the patient. For the treatment of asthma in adults and teenagers of age 15 years and more, starting dose is 10mg in a day. For children of age 6 to 14 years, a dose is 5mg once in a day. For young kids of age 2 to 5 years old, generic singulair dose should be 4mg per day. For toddlers of age 12 to 23 months, doctor?s advice is very crucial. Use accurate amount of drug to treat the condition.

Side Effects of Generic Singulair 10mg

Like with any other drug, generic singulair too, produce side effects. In many cases people have found good bonding with this medication. Some people may get serious effects whereas some may get through mild ones. You need to keep an eye on such symptoms while being treated with this allergic drug. Get to know about such effects so that when they occur you will be ready to deal with them. Side effects are of two types, gentle and severe. You may experience headache, flu, stomach pain, cough, heartburn, diarrhea, ear pain, sinus infection and runny nose which are known as gentler effects that vanish automatically. You need not to get treated for such aftereffects as they are harmless in nature. Wait for few days till your body gets adjusted with the medication generic singulair (Montelucast Sodium). If symptoms become worse, rush to the emergence unit of the hospital. Infrequently, one may get through the serious aftereffects after taking this medicine. You need to check out if you may suffer from worsening of asthma or allergic symptoms, confusion, anxiety, restlessness, suicidal thoughts etc. these are serious aftereffects of the drug and a prompt medical action is needed. In such incidents, stop taking the drug and seek medical help.

Warnings of Generic Singulair

  • This medication is not fast acting and thus cannot be used for asthma attack. This drug only treats asthma symptoms and other allergic reactions. While being treated with this drug, let your doctor know if you are using the inhaler frequently as this indicates the worsening of asthma condition.
  • If you are using inhaled or oral form of steroid then stop its usage before taking anti-allergic remedy.
  • People, who are aspirin sensitivity, should avoid using aspirin while being treated with generic singulair. This drug may not help you to cure asthma attack caused due to the sensitivity.
  • Get in touch with your doctor if you experience any kind of mood changes or behavioral alterations such as depression, confusion, abnormal dreams, hallucinations etc.
  • If you develop pins and needle sensation in arms or legs, skin rash or flu after consuming this drug then you must contact your doctor.

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