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Generic Temovate is the topical medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as glucocorticoids or corticosteroids. It is most prescribed in the treatment and control itchiness and inflammation caused by skin complications such as eczema, psoriasis and allergic reactions of skin. With the approval of renowned Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes this ointment more reliable option. You need to be careful while using this medicine as being from class of corticosteroids; it is potent to cause severe side-effects if misused in excess doses. But this cream can be helpful in getting relief from skin ailments by reducing the inflammation. This topical steroid cream is available at all online drug stores as well as at local pharmacies. Plus you need not to spend much for this generic version of Temovate. But as precautionary measures pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers must consult their health care providers or gynecologists before using generic Temovate. Allergic reactions with the chemical used in the drug are also possible and if such effects develop while using the cream then you must consult your doctor.

Action Mechanism

Mechanism of action of the drug is the way through which a drug work on the health issues reduces its symptoms and periodically eradicates it completely. Like all other drugs, generic Temovate also possesses a definite mechanism of action or working path. Generally a chemical used in the core is the active part of generic Temovate that participates in the working procedure of the medicine.? Generic Temovate, being a glucocorticoids medication, which is a type of corticosteroid or steroid, mostly used in making in pharmaceutical product prescribed in treatment of skin alignments. This is the topical cream used in the treatment of specific skin ailments like as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and allergic reactions. Though these glucocorticoids have several crucial effects in the body but these are mostly known for their anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to have immune suppressing properties. But intensity and frequency is subjected to person?s allergy dynamics and health history. So basically this Generic Temovate is a topical medication formulation which works on several skin issues by eventually reducing the inflammation or suppressing an overactive immune system in your body. This is how this cream helps in the treatment of skin issues that gives out bothersome symptoms as itching or inflammation.

Precautionary Measures

? It may not be safe to use generic Temovate if you are would be mother or planning to have a baby. Ask your doctor before using this cream or else you may end up having harmful effects on your health. ? It is still unknown whether this drug passes into the breast milk and that is why before using generic temovate, discuss with your health care provider about the possible side effects of the medication. ? You may get infection while being treated with this topical cream as it is known to seize immune system. Thus keep track of infections and treat them as soon as they occur. Since you immune system is suppress it can?t defend your body against infection or allergic reactions. ? Like all other medications, this topical cream also known to cause slowed rate of growth in teenagers and children. Thus a periodic and careful monitoring is necessary while kids being treated with this cream medication. ? Drug interactions with generic Temovate are possible. This drug may interfere with other topical skin cream used for the treatment of other skin issues. Hence you must tell your dermatologist about the other medication course you are assigned to for different set if disease. ? Do not apply generic Temovate on face, groin or underarms. As they are categorized as the most sensitive part of your skin. ? If you become allergic to the chemical ingredient included in the cream then you must stop using this medicine and need to report the allergic reactions developed to your health care provider.


Using generic Temovate depends on the severity and type of skin ailment to be treated. For best suitable and precise doses it is suggested to consult you?re your dermatologist. They are professional who would instruct you well on how to use it properly. But in most cases, is it instructed to apply a thin layer of the cream and gently rub it so that it will penetrate the skin. Do not use much of it as it is known to cause hazardous effects on skin when use in excess amount. Generic Temovate is very effective in treating skin ailments if used in accurate amount. Wash your hands before and after applying the cream. This will prevent any sort of contamination to the affected area and accidental touch to eyes or mouth.

Common Side Effects

Every medication in the medical science and pharmaceutical is subjected to cause some side-effects, and generic Temovate is not an exception to that theory. Most of these are easy to control and cure with few tweaks but in severe conditions feel free to consult or visit your doctor for side effects. Various case studies have shown that this topical cream possesses adverse effects. And also in some cases no side effects have been reported. Wherein some have mentioned only severe side effects which got better after receiving medical treatment! Initial and most common type of ill effects of generic Temovate is stinging or burning sensation that can be considered normal and expected effect. But this is quite common and harmless. Slight irritation is also possible with this cream. You need to discuss all these pros and cons with your health care provider before using this topical steroid medicament. Being mild in natures, these ill effects generally doesn?t bother the user but in case if they become severe you need to get medical help as early as possible. Other than those side effects, there are serious effects also which demands for medical treatment when they occurs. After using this topical cream, if you notice high blood sugar levels, tendon injuries or ruptured tendons, infections or increase in the risk of developing infection and hypertension, you need to discontinue the usage of the cream and call your doctor immediately. Allergic conditions can cause major problems are more of the time they cause severs effects of patient. So make sure you mention your allergies to dermatologist.


? This topical cream is very strong and effectual steroid. Hence using it without medical supervision may cause hazardous effects on health. Before going for this particular medicine, you can recite every instruction given by your dermatologist. ? Being a glucocorticoids or corticosteroids medication it may cause serious side effects. Though these effects are possible with oral or injectable, even topical steroid such as generic Temovate also develop such harmful effects and that is why you need to be very careful while using this cream.? ? Prolong use of this drug may lead to a health concern known as Cushing?s syndrome. While using the medicament if you develop symptoms such as rounded face, uneven body fat distribution and rise in blood sugar levels then you need to consult your doctor ? Generic Temovate may block the ability of body of making its own antibiotics. In such cases it is necessary to stop taking artificial steroid so that our body can make its own steroid. After a while you can start using steroid formulation if your health concern is not yet corrected.

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