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EXPIRY DATE : NOV 2020 STRENGTH : 0.005% 2.5ml.

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Generic xalatan is an eye drop used in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension also known as high eye pressure. Active chemical used in the medication is known as latanoprost which belongs to the class of drugs known as prostaglandins. This eye drug needs to be used very carefully. It is even better to meet a doctor before using the medication as it will keep the complications at bay. It is available in 0.005% strength. You can buy this one at online drug stores and also at local pharmacies. Eye disorders such as glaucoma develop through brief period of time and there is no cure. One can treat this condition to slow down the progression of the disease. This can be achieved with the help of generic xalatan eye drops. Use this drop as directed by the doctor and for the given time span to achieve better results.

Action Mechanism of Generic Xalatan (Latanoprost)

Our eye is filled with fluid to maintain the shape and overall pressure inside the eyeball. The old fluid is always being replaced with new one. There is a drainage system in the eyes that help in throwing the old fluid from the eye. In glaucoma, this drainage system doesn?t work causing increase in the amount of fluid present in the eye. In such situation using generic xalatan is beneficial but after consulting with the doctor. Due to damage in the drainage system, the inside pressure starts to build up. This damages the optic nerve and eventually the sufferer loses his vision. Generic xalatan 0.05% 2.5ml works on the drainage of the fluid from your eyes which ultimately results in reducing the pressure. This medication has latanoprost in its chemical core that helps one to achieve necessary pressure inside the eyes. Continuous use of generic xalatan lead to reduced risk of optic nerve damage and eventually risk of blindness also reduces. Eye disorders such as ocular hypertension or glaucoma need to be treated on time to avoid ill effects or serious outcome of the disease. Generic xalatan is the best eye drop that can treat this issue with ease and give you relief from irritating symptoms of eye issues like glaucoma.


  • One may get allergic to the chemical used in this eye drop. In case if you develop allergic reactions to this drug then stop using the medication and talk with your doctor about the same.
  • Generic xalatan (Latanoprost) may cause coloring or eyelid or darkening of the iris (colored part of eye). It may create brown tint in the eye which is more visible in people with light colored eye. Though you notice these changes, you can continue using the eye drop as this coloring slowly disappears once you stopped using the drops. This coloring is dangerous and hence you can keep using eye drops till you get desired results.
  • This eye drop causes growth in thickness of eyelashes and also makes them grow in wrong direction. This can be avoided by carefully putting the drop in the eye.
  • You must tell your doctor if you have medical history of inflammation of certain part of eye. Generic xalatan 0.05% 2.5ml may worsen the condition or may result in ill effects once you use it for the treatment of ocular hypertension.
  • Any kind of vision changes must be reported to the doctor as this eye drop may cause or worsen the eye issues which is already present.


For effective and desired results, medicines must be given in accurate amount. Your doctor is the important person while deciding the dosages of the drug. In the case of generic xalatan eye drop, you must start with the standard one drop strategy to the affected eye. This dosage can be increased as per the outcome and body?s response. It is beneficial to wash off hands after using the drop and also before using it as to avoid any type of contamination. In case if you face any unpleasant effects after using generic xalatan then contact your doctor immediately.

Side Effects of Generic Xalatan 0.05% 2.5ml

It is more common to get side effects along with the desired effects of the drug. You cannot avoid the ill effects of the drug if you wish to enjoy the benefits also. There are mild as well as severe effects have been observed with this drug. You may get either of these two or both or none of them as it depends on how you are using the medication to treat the eye ailment. You need to keep an eye on any changes occur in vision or inside the eye while using this eye solution. Mild side effects of generic xalatan (Latanoprost) includes burning sensation, stinging, blurred vision, red eyes, feeling like something is in the eye, itchiness, darkening of iris etc. These aftereffects are generally tolerable. They do not require medical treatment and vanishes on their own. You need to call a doctor if they persist for longer time or become serious after some time. Generic xalatan eye drops may create certain severe side effects if not used properly or used in excess amount. Discharge from eye, visual disturbances, increased sensitivity to light and chest pain are serious aftereffects of this eye drops. Medical efforts are required to treat these ill effects.

Warnings of Generic Xalatan

  • Ask your doctor about the pros and cons of generic xalatan. In case this medicine may create several ill effects. Thus you must know about the adverse effects of the drug.
  • A medical history of inflammation of iris may not allow you to go for this eye drop. You may get through some adverse effects after using the drug. Thus it is better to tell your doctor about the eye ailments present already.
  • Vision changes while receiving treatment with generic xalatan (Latanoprost) must be brought to the notice to the doctor.
  • If you get other eye issue or need to go under eye surgery while using this eye drop then you must tell your doctor about this eye solution.
  • If you wear contact lenses, then take them out before using generic xalatan solution. After putting the eye drop, wait for another 15 minutes before re-inserting the lenses.

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