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Generic zantac is the drug which is used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), heartburn and other digestive disorder caused due to excessive stomach acid production. This belongs to the class of drugs known as H-2 blocker. It works by reducing the stomach acid production by blocking the secretion of acid in the stomach. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this drug in 1984. Because of this certification, this drug is safer to use in elderly. Use this drug as told by your doctor. Never take generic zantac in excess amount as this may cause serious ill effects in user. Follow the precautions carefully to achieve massive success with this medicine. You may suffer from side effects which are of mild nature. These side issues remain for shorter period of time.

Action Mechanism of Generic Zantac

Drugs give effectual results when used to treat health ailments. It is because of their ability to work on the issues with specific mode of action which is known as their mechanism. Each and every drug has its own mode of acting on the health problem. You need to consume the medicine in right amount to get its effective outcome. Generic zantac also has definite mode of action that enables it to work on the digestive issues caused due to excessive secretion of stomach acid. The chemical used in the drug is ranitidine which is the active component of the medicine. This drug belongs to the class of medicines known as H-2 blockers. This works on the issue by blocking the action of histamine on the stomach cells and thus it suppresses the production of acid. Histamine is the naturally occurring chemical in the blood which stimulates acid secretion in the stomach. By blocking the production of acid, this drug helps in treating ulceration caused by excessive acid production. Generic zantac need to be consumed in accurate amount to make it work for you. Do not go for excessive dosages to avoid complications.


  • People with kidney disorders must take generic zantac as directed by the doctor as kidneys are involved in the removal of the drug from the body; dosage alteration is required in patients dealing with kidney ailments.
  • This is the same case with patients with liver issues. They also need dosage adjustment with this medicine.
  • This medicine is not studied in expecting mothers and that is why its ill effects are not known. Therefore pregnant ladies must consult their doctor before consuming the medicine.
  • Generic zantac secret in to the breast milk and it is not good for infants who are getting breast feed. Therefore if you are breastfeeding mother and wish to go for this medicine you need to discuss the possible effects of the drug on the baby.
  • This drug may contain phenylalanine and people suffering from phenylketonuria must take low dosage of the drug.
  • Sometimes symptoms of GERD, heartburn or ulcers represent signs of stomach ulcer. Therefore if symptoms get cured with generic zantac, you need to check for the possibility of stomach cancer.
  • If you develop allergic symptoms with generic zantac, then you must stop using the drug right away and consult your doctor.


Dosages need to be designed by the doctor so that the chances of developing side issues reduce to greater extent. For the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers, recommended dosage of generic zantac is 150mg given twice daily. Once it is healed, the dosage can be reduce to once daily for the prevention of ulceration. For the treatment and management of GERD, dosage is 150mg twice daily. Treating erosive esophagitis needs 150mg of generic zantac four times a day. For Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, dosage is 150mg twice a day and this can be altered by your doctor. You need to follow the instructions carefully.

Side Effects of Generic Zantac 300mg

Drugs and side effects share very close relationship. You cannot have a drug that shows no or zero side effects. Generic zantac is not an exception to this. You can get aftermaths with this medicine also. Therefore you need to be prepared for them. Before consuming this medicine, contact your health care professional. Generally aftermaths are harmless and categorized as mild and severe ones. You must treat them if they become severe in nature. Generic zantac is a drug that is well bearable by people. But it tends to develop side effects when consumed in excessive amount or in wrong method. Most commonly occurring aftermaths with this drug are upset stomach, diarrhea, skin rash, headache, constipation etc. No medical treatment is needed to treat these effects and one can bear these signs very well. Not everyone who consumes the medicine suffer from side effects. You need to report to your health care provider if you develop depression, irregular heartbeat, yellowing of eyes or skin, dark colored urine, pain in the upper stomach, severe allergic reactions then you need to consult your doctor. Infrequent cases have been reported where generic zantac have caused serious side issues and that include severe dizziness, excessive sleepiness, hair loss, muscle or joint pain, blurred vision.

Warnings of Generic Zantac

  • Drugs tend to interact with each other when consumed together. That is why one must tell his doctor about the drugs you are taking to treat health ailments.
  • Breastfeeding mothers must have word with their doctor regarding the safety of the medicine as generic zantac passes in to the breast milk and may cause harm to the nursing baby.
  • This medicine has not been studied completely in pregnant women and that is why risks factors of this drug are not known. Thus it is advisable to take this drug after consulting with the doctor.
  • Kidneys expel out the medication and that is why dosage adjustment is needed if you are suffering from kidney disorders.
  • People suffering from liver disorders need to take the dosages as designed by their doctor.
  • There are people who may get allergic to the chemical content of the medicine. If anyone develops signs of allergy then consulting a doctor is must.

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