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Generic zithromax is a widely used antibiotic. It is useful in treating number of bacterial infection. This is available in all strengths and formats. Your health care provider will prescribe you the required strength and format. The active chemical of this antibiotic is azithromycin which belongs to the class of drugs known as macrolid. This is used to treat infection of ear, tonsils and pneumonia. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this antibiotic and since then it is being used safely for the eradication of bacterial contamination. This antibiotic works on the contamination by blocking the spreading of the bacterial colonies. Occurrence of side effects is quite common with generic zithromax. You need to know about them from your doctor in order to fight back with them when they develop. Follow your doctor’s precautions and stay on the safer side. This is the effective and broad spectrum antibiotic of all.

Action Mechanism of Generic Zithromax (Azithromycin)

Antibiotics work specifically over the bacterial infection and treat them from root. It works by blocking the spreading of bacteria. It is achieved by suppressing the development and growth of the bacterial cells. This is done by a specific working mechanism known as mode of action. It is particular for each and every medication. Bacterial infection starts when bacteria enters human body rather cells. They work on the cellular levels. Here human body cells become their host and they can use the nutrients of these cells for their own development and nutritional needs. It affects the normal functioning of the cell. This is how bacterial infection spreads and affects human being and their daily routine. Generic zithromax 250mg work on it and gives relief from irritating symptoms of bacterial contamination. Mechanism of action of the drug depends on the chemical part of it. It blocks the production of protein in them. Without this protein, bacterial cannot survive. Bacterial cell die because of lack of nutrient. This is how generic zithromax help in suppressing the growth of the bacterial cell and cures the infection.


  • In very rare cases, generic zithromax may cause irregular heart rhythm and that is why people who are already suffering from the issues shouldn’t go for this medication.
  • This antibiotic is known to interfere with several drugs. You need to tell your doctor about them before taking this medication so that you can prevent further complications.
  • Generic zithromax consumption during pregnancy may harm the growing baby. Therefore before taking the drug consult your doctor.
  • Diarrhea is the common side effect given by this drug. In case if you develop watery or bloody diarrhea then you must rush to the doctor.
  • If you use generic zithromax for longer period then you might end up having oral or vaginal infection. Therefore you must use the antibiotic for the prescribed period of time. Do not extend the time span of using the drug.
  • You may get other infections while being treated with this antibiotic. Thus whenever you notice any sort of symptom of infection then you must consult with your doctor.
  • People with severe kidney or liver disorders shouldn’t take this drug as it may create complications.
  • Allergic reaction to the chemical part of generic zithromax 250mg cause ill effects in users. Thus check out for any type of allergic symptoms.


Generic zithromax dosage must be decided by your doctor. Do not consume the medicine on your own. However the starting dosage of this antibiotic is 250mg or 500mg for any type of bacterial infection. It needs to be consumed for three to five days. For severe infections, your doctor will increase the dosage or may change the medication. For children the dosage depends on their weight also. For the treatment of STDs, generic zithromax dosage is 1000mg to 2000mg. take it with or without food. Water is the best liquid to take the pill with. Do not stop taking the medication until your doctor tells you to do so.

Side Effects of Generic Zithromax 250mg

Side effects and medicines are closely related. All drugs produce adverse effects on health. You cannot avoid these effects but you can prepare yourself to face them once they occur. Not everyone gets the side effects. In some cases mild effects have been reported by users. Serious effects generally develop in users who consume the drug in excess amount or in wrong ways. Generic zithromax is effective in reducing symptoms of bacterial infection but it also causes adverse effects in consumers. Most common side effects of generic zithromax are nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, unexplained skin rash etc. All these effects are gentler in nature and generally don’t harm users. There is no requirement of medical assistance to discard these effects. Chances of occurrence of these effects depend on the dosages of the drug and the way you have taken the drug. Serious side effects of generic zithromax are very rare. But whenever these effects occur, you need to consult your doctor. It is important to get medical treatment for the same as they can become very serious. Bloody diarrheas, yellowing of skin or eyes are few of serious side effects. Consult a health care professional when such effects occur.

Warnings of Generic Zithromax

  • If you are consuming some medications then prior taking generic zithromax 250mg then you must tell your doctor about them as this antibiotic drug is known to interfere with other drugs.
  • This antibiotic need to be used with great care and caution in expecting moms. This drug has not been studied in pregnant ladies and that is why effects of this antibiotic on the unborn babies are not known. In case if it is to be given to the expecting mom then doctor’s consultation is required.
  • People with serious kidney disorders shouldn’t go for generic zithromax as it may worsen the present situation of the user.
  • Antibiotic tend to cause severe diarrhea. If you experience it with this drug then you must contact your health care provider.
  • Prolonged use of this antibiotic lead to increased risk of oral and vaginal yeast infection.
  • Serious liver issues won’t allow you to take antibiotic as they are known to produce ill effects.

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