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Aciclovir is the medication that is very helpful in treating wide range of viral infections including herpes virus infection. Shingles and cold sores can also be treated with this amazing anti-viral drug. It has ability to stop the growth of the virus and that is why it is placed under the class of drugs known as anti-viral medications. It is marketed under various brand names with same chemical core. Generally this drug is known as acyclovir tablets used for herpes virus infection. This is the oral form of treatment which is to be consumed as per doctor’s advice. Herpes virus infection is not curable. It can be treated to reduce the intensity of the symptoms. For that reason aciclovir tablets are used. They give relief from itching and burning sensation. This drug is widely available at online drug stores and also at local pharmacies. You can rely on this drug to get comfort from the symptoms but it is not the cure.

Action Mechanism of Generic Zovirax (Aciclovir Tablets)

Acyclovir tablets when consumed in accurate dosage forms get converted into their active form in the digestive tract. This drug has inhibitory action against the herpes virus. This medication or the active form of it is very much similar to the substance needed by virus for reproduction purpose. Aciclovir gets converted into the active form by series of reactions. And this is how it becomes strong enough to beat the reproduction of herpes virus cells. Replication of DNA is the crucial step in the reproduction of the herpes virus. This step gets spoiled by aciclovir tablets and this is how it helps in stopping the growth of the virus. This is achieved in three steps. The first is by inhibiting the viral DNA polymerise. Second is by terminating the growing viral DNA polymer by incorporating in between and lastly inactivating the DNA polymerase enzyme. End result is the slowed growth of herpes virus and eventually spreading of the virus can be accomplished. Aciclovir tablets cannot cure herpes virus infection but they can certainly help to prevent its spreading too quickly. Shingles, oral herpes, genital herpes and chicken pox can be treated with the help of anti-viral medication.


  • If you develop allergic reactions to the aciclovir tablets then you must stop taking the medication for good. This will create harmful effects and to avoid that one must avoid this medication.
  • If you have kidney disorders then before going for this anti-viral drug make sure that you have discussed about it with your health care provider. This medicament is known to cause kidney damage and if you have medical history of renal disorders then dosage adjustment is required.
  • Acyclovir tablets cannot cure genital herpes. Therefore it is better to avoid sexual contacts if the sufferer has outbreak or expecting one. In such cases using precautionary measures will help.
  • One must use anti-viral medicaments as early as possible to treat genital or oral herpes, shingles or chicken pox. The early you start, the better you get the results.
  • Aciclovir tablets may cause harm to the unborn baby and therefore before using them in pregnancy, medical advice is needed. Do not take the drug on your own. Consult your health care provider before consuming the medicament.
  • This drug passes into the breast milk and may cause harm to the nursing infant. This need to be used in extreme cases under medical guidance.


Your doctor will decide the dosage of acyclovir tablets as per the severity of your symptoms, age and medical history. It also depends on the type of herpes virus infection and accordingly the dosage strength and duration of the treatment changes. For shingles the dosage of aciclovir tablets is 800mg divided into five dosages given for 7 to 10 days. For the fresh infection of herpes virus or genital herpes, the standard dose is 200mg, divided into five doses, given for 10 days. For the outbreak of genital herpes, dosage is 200mg. five times a day for five days, starting from the first day of outbreak. For kids, dosages must be designed by medical expert.

Side Effects of Generic Zovirax (Aciclovir Tablets)

You cannot separate side effects from a medicament. You are bound to get ill effects of the drug along with the good effects. There are two types of effects a medication can generate. Mild or gentler effects and worse effects can be produced by aciclovir tablets. It also depends on the way it has been consumed and quantity of the drug also. Thus one need to be alert while taking this anti-viral medication. You may get some sort of mild effects that generally stay for a while and then vanish off without any medical help or treatment. These are gentle in nature and don’t harm the sufferer. One can get ill feeling, headache, diarrhea, nauseated feeling or vomiting after consuming the medication. These are normal ones and vanish after couple of days. There are very rare cases where aciclovir tablets have caused severe side effects. One must know them so that proper action can be taken against them. Agitation, hallucinations, seizures, abnormal reduction in urine production and signs of allergic reactions are some of the serious effects caused by this anti-viral medicament. These required medical treatment or else they may create ill effects on health.

Warnings of Generic Zovirax

  • One may go through kidney damage because of acyclovir tablets if taken in wrong way or in excess amount. Thus one must contact a doctor if he or she notices abnormal changes in urination or lower abdominal pain.
  • You must start the treatment as early as possible so that you can get better control over the infection.
  • A serious condition where red blood cell and platelet count gets reduced can occur with aciclovir tablets. It is better to consult a health care provider to get this situation treated as early as possible.
  • This drug passes to the breast milk and can harm the nursing child. Therefore one must consult a doctor before going for this anti-viral medication if she is breastfeeding a baby.
  • Acyclovir tablets may interact with certain medications and that is why one must tell the doctor about each and every medication being consumed by him/her apart from this anti-viral drug.

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