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Diabetes is the health condition where the blood sugar level goes beyond the normal level. It happens because no insulin reaches to the glucose and thus it remains undigested in the blood. Gliclazide is the medicine that will help one in such situation. This is the drug belongs to the class of medications known as sulfonylurea. It is marketed under different brand names keeping the chemical content same. It has been proves that this drug protect the human pancreatic beta cells which are known to produce insulin necessary for the digestion of glucose and release of energy. Gliclazide tend to work on this issue by stimulating the insulin producing cells known as beta cells. Thus they produce more insulin and targets glucose molecules. This is how it helps in decreasing the abnormal sugar level in the blood keeping the complications at bay. FDA approval makes this medicament a safer choice to treat diabetes. Action Mechanism of Gliclazide (Diamicron)

Every drug works on the health issues to be treated with a proper working mechanism that makes it a perfect and definite solution for that disorders or ailment. This implies to gliclazide pills also that works to make abnormal blood sugar levels normal. This medicine need to be consumed as directed by the doctor to achieve massive success. This works on the problem land give you the desired results. Pancreatic beta cells produce insulin which plays very crucial role in glucose or sugar metabolism. The medicine gliclazide binds to the receptor on the beta cells. This receptor is known as sulfonylurea receptors (SUR-1). This drug doesn?t bind to the receptor in the heart and that is the reason it shows cardiovascular protection. When it binds to the receptor, it selectively closes the potassium ion channels. Gliclazide reaction on this channel results in the depolarization of the cell membrane by means of efflux of potassium ion from the cell. Eventually it opens up the calcium ion channel. It leads to the activation of the calmodulin which results in stimulation of the insulin vesicles. This process done by gliclazide drug makes insulin vesicle to release insulin. This is how it helps in maintaining the normal sugar level in the blood.


  • It is a wise thing to do that you must have serious discussion about the health concerns you are dealing with before you go for gliclazide pills to maintain normal sugar level in the blood.
  • If you are suffering from kidney issues, liver malfunctioning or has allergic reaction to anything, then you must not take this drug. Instead you must go for any other optional medicament.
  • If you are suffering from kidney issues, liver malfunctioning or has allergic reaction to anything, then you must not take gliclazide tablet 40mg. Instead you must go for any other optional medicament.
  • Your skin will become more sensitive towards sunlight once you start taking this medicine. Thus you are advised to use sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun until you are taking gliclazide pills. Wear clothing that will cover maximum part of your skin and save you from harmful sun rays.
  • While being treated with this medication if you become ill, get injured or catch severe infection then immediately stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor. It will help you to deal with them properly.
  • Gliclazide is not suitable for pregnant ladies. It may harm the unborn baby. Therefore it needs to be used when it is clearly needed and must be supervised by medical practitioner.
  • Breastfeeding moms must get consulted by their doctors before using this drug. Gliclazide must be used after getting confirmation from the doctor.


Proper dosing therapy lead to better outcome and one get benefitted with the medication. Ask your doctor for the accurate measurement of the doses as per the severity of the illness. In the beginning, 40-80mg dosage is enough to maintain normal level of sugar in the blood. If required, this potion of gliclazide may be increased to 320mg daily. Ask your doctor and let him make the necessary changes in the dosing pattern of the medication. Gliclazide need to be consumed with water and as told by the health care provider. Do not skip the dosages and if missed by chance, take it immediately.

Side Effects of Diamicron (Gliclazide) 40mg

Side effects are inseparable from a medication. Generally these occur as a result of your body?s adjustment with the medication consumed. You need not to get worried about them as long as they doesn?t cause you discomfort. There are two types of aftereffects, mild and severe associated with gliclazide. Which one you will get depend on the amount of drug you have taken and the way you have chosen to have the drug. You must consult your health care provider in case if anything unwanted happens. Side effects which are gentle in nature include nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea which stays for couple of days or till when your body gets familiar with gliclazide medication. You need to consult a doctor if you develop skin rash, itching, fever, weakness and chills. These effects may bother you to some extent. You may also go through low blood sugar that can be identified with the symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, headache, sweating etc. You must stop using gliclazide and meet the doctor as early as possible if you get serious effects such as confusion, flushing, rapid breathing or severe drowsiness. These are severe side effects occurring with this medication. One must keep an eye on such symptoms.

Warnings of Gliclazide Tablet

  • Gliclazide need to be consuming with caution in people who are on low calorie diet, are at the risk of hypoglycemia, malnourished or people skipping meals and eating on irregular timings.
  • If one has allergy to the chemical used in the medication then chances are high that the person will suffer from serious allergic reactions and to avoid this one must keep distance from Gliclazide tablet.
  • People with severe liver or kidney disorders or suffering from type 1 diabetes are advice not to use this medication. They must ask their doctor for the other useful alternatives.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should talk with their doctors about the potential risk of gliclazide to the nursing babies. After discussing the possible effects of the medication they can go ahead to take the medicament.
  • People having hormonal disorders such as thyroid gland problems or pituitary gland issues shouldn?t consume Gliclazide tablet.

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