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Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease in which your body does not make enough insulin or does not use insulin effectively causing your blood sugar levels shoot up. Some people are not able to produce insulin at all. Insulin, a natural body hormone helps to control the levels of sugar in the blood; however, due to its lack of production causes further complications in individuals. Thus, Glimepiride is the solution that works well by increasing the amount of insulin needed to your body. The mechanism of Glimepiride works directly by stimulating the beta cells in the pancreas in which the insulin get produced. Glimepiride stimulates these beta cells to produce required insulin, which eventually helps lowering down the high blood sugar levels. It is also efficient in increasing the crash of blood clots that may get formed in the blood vessels. This action helpful in preventing future complications associated with diabetes. Glimepiride medicine can be combined with other antidiabetic medicines.

Action Mechanism of Glimepiride Tablets (Amaryl)

Every medication has a specific mode of action which is followed by it to treat the condition. Glimepiride tablet also possess mechanism of action that work on the issue effectively. Pancreas has beta cells that produce insulin. In type 2 diabetes there is no insulin production or the produced insulin is of no use. This sugar lowering drug works on the beta cells and stimulates them to produce insulin which aid in digestion of sugar to release energy. Glimepiride tablet belongs to the sulfonylurea group of drugs. This also increases the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin and thus makes it easier for it to act on glucose. This medication has given good results for lowering blood sugar level. Still long-term use of this drug and its effects on health are not established. Thus ask your doctor when you decide to buy glimepiride tablet for the management of diabetes. A medical officer can predict the accurate dosing pattern for you considering your age and medical status as well as medical history. Never take this drug in excess amount or else you may get adverse effects of the medication. Therefore make sure that you are not skipping any dose and taking the medicament on time.


  • People may develop allergic reactions to glimepiride. If any sort of allergic symptoms occur in the user then it is better to discontinue using the drug and consult a doctor.
  • Discuss your medical history such as liver issues, kidney disorders, thyroid problems or certain hormonal conditions before you go for this medicament.
  • Due to Glimepiride tablet you may suffer from dizziness, drowsiness or blurred vision because of the high blood glucose levels in the blood. In such case, it is better to stay at home rather than driving or operating machinery.
  • Your skin may become sensitive to the sunlight while you are on this hypoglycemic agent. Thus you must use a sunscreen while going out in the sun.
  • Oldies are more sensitive to Glimepiride and they can develop side effects faster than young adults. Medical supervision is required while giving this blood sugar lowering drug to them.
  • Use this drug with great care in pregnancy. Ask and discuss the possible effects of the drug on the growing embryo and then go for this medication.
  • Glimepiride (Amaryl 10mg) tablet may pass into the breast milk. Hence care need to be taken while consuming this medication while you are breastfeeding your baby.


Dosages of glimepiride need to get designed by the medical officer to achieve better results. This pill needs to be consumed with breakfast or first main meal of the day. For oldies and people with kidney disorders, dosage adjustment is needed. The standard starting dose of glimepiride is 1mg or 2mg once daily. Increase in the dosage depends on the response of the body and alterations in the blood glucose levels. Glimepiride must be administered with water and not with any other liquid especially alcohol. Do not stop the medicine in between. Let your doctor do the alteration in glimepiride doses.

Side Effects of Glimepiride Tablets 3mg

Side effects are generally tolerable and do not bother the sufferer. In case if they become severe causing discomfort to the sufferer then it is better to consult a health care provider. Many times, glimepiride has been proved safe and quite tolerable medicine. Side effects occur when body tries to adjust with the dosage of the drug. They are gentle and severe also. It all depends on how you are taking the medicine and the amount being consumed at a time. With glimepiride you get both sets of aftereffects. You may get gentle natured or serious ones or in some cases you don?t get any sort of ill effects. Abdominal pain, mild nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness, mild skin rash or itching etc. are gentle side effects of the medication. These are harmless and vanish right within couple of days. There is no need of medical treatment unless they remain gentle in nature. There are incidents where glimepiride has cause serious side effects in people. These are the harmful effects of the medicine that needs medical help to get rid of. If you get severe skin rash, signs of liver damage such as yellowing of skin, eyes or dark colored urine, trouble breathing, irritation and redness of the skin are few of the severe side effects. Hence you need to discuss with your doctor before you buy glimepiride.

Warnings of Amaryl Tablets

  • Before consuming glimepiride. Discuss your medical history with your doctor. Tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, liver disorders, and adrenal inactivity or pituitary gland problems. These health issues may become worse if you take this drug hence it is better to get medical advice.
  • If you are allergic to the chemical part of this medication then it is a wise decision to stay away from this drug.
  • Glimepiride may cause harm to the unborn baby and that is the reason pregnant ladies should not go for this drug. They must consult with their doctor for further information about the drug.
  • It is not clear whether this medicine passes into the breast milk. Thus breastfeeding moms must discuss with their health care providers about the possible risks of the medication to the nursing kid.
  • In oldies, this blood sugar lowering may cause low blood sugar and this condition will worsen their condition. Thus there is need of Glimepiride tablets dosage adjustment while it is given to elderly.

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