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Ways to prep for spring time!

Ways to prep for spring time!

Skin is indeed the most delicate yet most exposed to outer conditions and indeed most likely to be vulnerable to cause skin complications, the cost to play for protecting body from outer conditions. We are all familiar with the roughening effects winter case and also how dry our skin can be in summer and the amount of money we all have to pay for such protection. And for spring season, which make it all hot and humid all of a sudden, make it more precarious to take extra care of skin conditions.

Just as our preference to dress up chanced as per season and whether conditions, to be appropriate for condition, it is also essential to take care of skin and hairs as per season changes. Though usual skin care routine should be followed but here are some skin conditions to watch out for and be precautious about:

Berloque Dermatitis: Brown bruised or mottled patches on the skin that looks more like age spots and in most cases appear on the neck, cheeks, and side of the face. It is linked to the chemical reaction that happens between UV light and bergapten, which is an ingredient commonly found in many perfumes and colognes, as well as in some heavily scented skin creams or beauty care products.

You can choose to use natural beauty products and avoiding perfumes that contain ingredients for the face. And about the patches you can use retinol creams, but it can more effective on smaller patches.

Roughness: It is one of the common condition can cause in most season but you should be taking more care during such season as infections are more likely to caused. If it happens then skin might appear white and red goose bumps on the arms, legs, and buttocks are usually experienced particularly among women. Such bumps on skin are the results of skin cell build up around individual hair follicles. And in such case you can get a skin moisturizer for daily use that contains elements like urea, glycolic, or lactic acid, as it would help soften the bumps on your skin. You can also use it in moderation to prevent skin reddening and inflammation.

Dryness: it can happen you ignore rough skin! Especially the skin on the knees and elbows is some of the driest on our bodies throughout the year and in spring; some parts may take on a cracked, whitish, or grayish look particularly among people with olive or darker skin. And much like roughness, it can be fixed through regular moisturizer or use of petroleum jelly at least once a week before you sleep can also help deal with this problem. You should not be putting pressure on the area and protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun Rashes: Such rashes happen when skin suddenly gets exposed to the sun and happens as a reaction to the changing weather and it occurs while the skin is not yet accustomed to changes and appears as an over-action. And hence it is better to avoid sun rash by limiting your sun exposure especially during the first days of spring, which would allow your skin to slowly get accustomed to changes and prevent overreactions. While that you can use hydrocortisone anti-itch creams can also help minimize the experience of itch and just in case of Sunburn, it happen when person be exposed to the sun after months of not-so-sunny days would make you feel burnt and uncomfortable. It is likely to cause to your eyes, nose, and forehead. You can avoid it by using sunscreens with that has SPF 30, as well as those that contain high levels of zinc oxide as it helps block UVA rays to prevent skin irritations caused by sun exposure.

There are still so much you can do to make your skin be spring proof, and regimes like nourishing your skin, keeping it hydrated, occasional exfoliation, and developing a routine to keep it up to date.