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Sleep is one of the most important activity be are bind to follow, ever since our birth. And there are many health benefits we derived from healthy sleep. But slight change in sleeping pattern can make you vulnerable to cause any medical complications. It can range from normal disorientation to causing sleeping disorder. And out of many sleeping disorders, narcolepsy can cause some serious discomfort to anyone?s life. Fortunately, modern medical science has many medication courses that have proven to be effective. And out of that league, Provigil tablets became more popular in recent time as most prescribed drug in treatment of Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy, is referred to the sleeping disorder causing irregular sleeping pattern which makes its victim fall asleep in instance, regardless of where he is and what a person is doing. This could turn hazardous if person is involved in activity that constantly requires his attention. Provigil, like most of other medication courses, is targeted to be effective in keeping a person awaked for some period time. Provigil have also been put to use for its recreational purpose. People also tend to buy Provigil 200mg to keep them awake. This could come handy if someone has to work for extra time and to manage sleeping time efficiently.

How it work:

There are many reasons why Provigil been trusted form of medication for narcolepsy despite the fact that medical science is yet to discover how exactly it work. But as the most sleep specialist that would suggest, to dodge natural urge to get sleep can also be done if person keep himself distracted or best keep excited with something. Cause when a person is excited, his brain releases an hormone called dopamine that boost up metabolism rate and make someone active for some time, which eventually keeps them awake finish their task. Provigil exactly serves the cause. It makes perfect conditions for dopamine to work its wonder and makes person active and alert, just like when he be in excitement state. This will also prevent you from falling asleep or feeling fatigue. These qualities make it more efficient for those who are suffering from Narcolepsy since it keeps one active for some time that makes them able to do daily chores. And before you went ahead buy Provigil online, let us mind you that it strictly prescribed set of drug and since the use can vary from person to person and recreational purpose to sleeping disorder. So it?ll be better if Provigil 200mg tablet?s dose are prescribed by doctor or neurologist.

Some precautionary measures:

Provigil works efficiently by targeting elements that cause narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work disorder. But it could be more effective if you take some precautionary measures that would avoid doing some negligible mistakes. As follow: Provigil 200mg being a prescription drug, it needs to be taken under doctor?s or neurologist?s consultation, so be it for sleeping disorder or for its recreational purpose. So that doctors could come up with suitable doses needed to serve the cause. And it is also important to be clear to inform your doctors about your heath history and current health dynamics or any other medication suggested for other medication complication. As course prescribed for treatment of heart problem, liver problem, kidney disease, any history of drug abuse can influence flow of dopamine, making you more prone to its side-effects. There are some cheap Provigil options available in the market. But if you have decided to buy Provigil Online then opt for the FDA approved medication for best quality assurance.


Because of its variation in application for disorder and recreational purpose, the suitable doses of Provigil can vary from case to case, person to person. Usually doses can be defined with intensity of disorder upon a person that makes it or sufficient for those who wish to awake for keeping themselves awaked. Although, it is best if you let doctors decide which and how much Provigil is need for the cause. The usual dose of Provigil 200mg for other sleeping disorder should be once a day. And for narcolepsy you might be instructed to take it 1hr prior to your work routine, then time you wished to avoid untimed sleeping. Thought does for recreational purpose might differ. Some frequent check up session to doctor or neurologist would effective to determine precise doses for your progressive condition. You should mind that, if it is used for recreational purpose, than you shouldn?t consume for more than a month, which could cause unnecessary dependence on it.

Some Common side effects:

Like every other medication drug available to cause some side effects, Provigil 200mg is no exception to that theory. And also the reason why it is emphasis to put on doctor prescriptions! Although most of the side effects could be avoided of we state our medical history and other sleep related to our sleeping pattern to doctors. Some of the possible side effects of Provigil tablet includes, blurred and other vision changes, chest pain, chills or fever, clumsiness or unsteadiness, confusion, dizziness or fainting, increased thirst and urination, headache, nervousness, mental depression, problems with memory, rapidly changing moods, shortness of breath, sore throat, trembling or shaking, trouble in urinating, uncontrolled movements of the face, mouth, or tongue, unusual bleeding or bruising, unusual tiredness or weakness. These side effects could further worsen if you experience agitation or excitement frequently, fast or pounding heartbeat, increased blood pressure, trouble with sleeping. For any of these side-effects turns serious, then it is suggested to stop consuming it any further and make it worse. Consult your doctor about it. You could also Buy Cheap Provigil Online, but buying provigil 200mg Online that need to be approved by FDA, now you know which one to should buy.


With the great medicine comes some warning. And Provigil as negligence could cause some treacherous effects. These warnings are as follows: Consume doses only under doctor?s prescriptions, not more then not less than that. Excess quality doses can cause hypertensions or even hallucinations. Consuming Provigil, doesn?t gives a license to ditch sleeping schedule, especially for shift work sleep disorders, since it might amplify some side effects of it. Prefer to have good old sleep! Avoid consuming alcohol and other drug abuse. It might conflict with the Armodafinil content. The high state might make you feel charged up but it?s for temporary period of time. It is better ditch caffeine intake for some time at least! Caffeine is effective in causing you to be awaked and alert. Using caffeine and Provigil could cause duel effect and making you more vulnerable to side-effects. Clearly, it is ?either this or that? situation. When you buy Provigil Pills Online, make sure drugs they offer are FDA approved, just for the sake of quality assurance.

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